A smartphone that can give orgasms? It’s coming!



Just when you think there is nothing new under the sun you find out that smartphones are being developed that can give somebody an orgasm. That kind of out of the box thinking is not something you would associate with a non tech company but it is an idea that the world’s number one sexual wellbeing brand, Durex has taken on.

Durex is looking for beta testers around the world to be among the early adoptors of this technology by trying it out. Those who are interested can sign up in advance for updates from Durexlabs via www.durex.com/durexlabs. They will receive a first look and free access opportunity for a limited period.

The mobile product is an innovation from Durexlabs and has been developed in partnership with tech entrepreneur Susie Lee, CEO of Siren Mobile who is one of the leading innovators in the mobile technology field. The smartphone is part of Durex’s plan of embracing changing social behaviours as the mobile has become a constant in the bedroom and is now a factor of intimacy between couples.

Susie Lee, CEO of dating app Siren, says: “It’s been such an incredibly exciting process working with Durexlabs. Through the proliferation of smart phones, social media and dating apps, technology has proven a hugely successful medium in bringing people together and maintaining close relationships. With Durexlabs we are taking the next vital step by embracing technology to amplify human connection in the bedroom and improve our sex lives.”

Richard Arnold, Head of Research and Development Durex, says: “With our deep understanding of arousal and the impulses involved, it was only natural for us to look at how we could combine this with digital technology.
“We took inspiration from modern habits and our ever growing reliance on portable technology for virtually everything in day to day life and our market research has identified a genuine desire for this technology in our sex lives.”

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So what are your thoughts on a smartphone that would give an orgasm, are you for or against the idea?

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