Walk Away – By E. Alubaka Asher


walk away

8th March is International Women’s day. But it’s not too early to start having conversations with women about caring and loving themselves enough to leave a relationship that does not build them but slowly destroys their confidence and self esteem. Walk away is a poem about walking away to better things and a better life.

When tears stream down
Your cheeks like a river,
When you sleep in a warm bed
And shiver,
When he stays by your side
And it’s like a favor,
Walk away.
When you wear makeup
On a black eye,
When he does you wrong
And you can’t ask why,
When you tell him your concerns
And he says you whine,
Walk away.
Walk away when his touch
Makes your skin crawl,
Walk away when he picks you up
To watch you fall,
Walk away when your vows he can’t keep
While you give it your all.
When you set the table
And alone you dine,
When your heart is in pain
And pretends you are fine,
When you hold onto love
That has long died
Walk away.

By E. Alubaka Asher

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