Virgin heart By E. Alubaka Asher



Taste the waters
From the lips,
Got you dripping
Between the hips,
Caught in the moment
The feeling so deep,
You’ve tasted the waters
And taken a dip,
Swim to the world
Of ecstasy and bliss,
Pricked in the heart
And love you bleed,
Like a child who’s born
First air you breathe,
First tears of joy
A glow on your face,
Your heart so strong
Yet fragile to the core,
You’ve crossed the river
It’s a brand new experience,
It’s a different world
Love, joy, and happiness,
But with every light
There’s a shadow of darkness,
So brace yourself
For a journey so uncertain.

By E. Alubaka Asher

Note from the poet on “A Virgin Heart”. Kids are involved in sex not thinking of the consequences, even between a married couple sex has consequences, with AIDS, infidelity and moral decay of the society. They should be made to understand.

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