Amarula Trust boosts fight for conservation of Elephants



The fight for the conservation of Elephants has been boosted following a donation of Ksh 1.4 M from Amarula and Nakumatt holdings. The Amarula Trust gave Ksh. 1 Million while Nakumatt topped this up with a Ksh. 400,000 donation.

The cheque was presented to Wildlife Direct for their flagship campaign “ Hands off our Elephants” the proceeds came from a two month Amarula cream sales initiative aimed at stimulating action towards elephant conservation, including creating innovative ways of protecting endangered species against poachers.

While speaking during the cheque hand over ceremony, Distell Group GM for North & East Africa Richard Lord underscored Amarula’s commitment to Elephant conservation, saying, “ The close relationship between Elephants and the Amarula fruit inspired, in part ,the establishment of the Amarula Trust under the Distell Group.” While taking off 10% from Amarula Sales towards the initiative, the trust gave their customers the opportunity to contribute to Elephant’s conservation efforts.

According to Nakumatt holdings, Managing Director Mr. Atur Shah, the firm is committed towards supporting the ongoing community awareness programmes geared towards sustaining wildlife conservation. The Nakumatt team leader noted that killing of our wildlife is an act of economic sabotage. “Our beloved country, Kenya relies heavily on tourism and any attempt to destroy this resource is an attempt at compromising our national survival,” he said.

On March 3, President Uhuru set ablaze 15 tonnes of Elephant tusks at the Nairobi park to demonstrate the governments commitment towards conserving elephants .This also set a strong message to poachers that ivory only belongs to elephants.”Our message must remain clear,” said the President. “Many of these tusks belong to elephants that were wantonly slaughtered by criminals. We want future generations of Kenyans, Africans and indeed entire world to experience the majesty and beauty of these magnificent animals in the natural world. Poachers and their enablers will not have the last word in Kenya.”

The Elephant conservation effort is part of the ongoing Amarula campaign dubbed“African original” which reflects the authenticity and superiority of the brand.

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