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Choosing a perfume that suits you might be overwhelming. In Kenya we don’t really have super cosmetic superstores like Boots which allow you to test out different fragrances so that you can find out what your favourite scent is. There are thousands of scents out there and finding the perfect one for you can be a hassle. Most times people use perfumes that they have tried and tested before. Or a brand that was recommended by a friend or family members. Some people just use fragrances that they have liked on other people.

The fragrance you wear should be a personal choice as the fragrance your family members or friends wear might not work with your body chemistry. Fragrance should be a personal signature. It should compliment your style and personality.

You don’t have to have one fragrance signature. You can have more then one depending on your mood, whether it’s flirty, sexy, womanly, or manly.

Fragrances are categorized by notes, accords or other characteristics that define them. Depending on our personality and age we tend to lean towards particular fragrance families.
common scents

Floral – these are floral scents which include roses, jasmine, orange blossoms, carnations etc. they are either sweet or powdery. These are the best scents for those who like notes for certain flowers. There are some of the scents you should be thinking about.

Fresh/Fruity – These are fragrances which are categorized as fresh but include green notes like the smell of fresh cut grass, citrus smells and airy notes. This is a good fragrance personality for those who like the outdoors. Here are some scents you should consider.

Oriental/spicy – Oriental fragrances are notes that are rich, bold, and overall exotic. These fragrances are very sensual and are ideal for romantic or nighttime wear. The fragrances include notes amber and vanilla. Check out these scents.

Woods (Chypre) – this fragrance group has aromatic wood and moss notes which include sandalwood, pine, cedar wood, oak etc. These are mainly masculine fragrances.


The Girl Next-Door – You should use fresh, clean scents.

Elegant – if you are the kind of person who loves elegant things like dinners then you should try oriental fragrances. These scents last along time. There are two types – floral oriental which has orange flower, vanilla and or a woody oriental which includes sandalwood, patchouli and spice.

Outdoorsy or sporty – use citrus fragrances.

Athletic men – fresh water scents are a great option. These are fragrances that are not too strong and don’t overwhelm.

Sophisticated, Modern Man. This is the classic man – a metro sexual man. This man should wear fresh, crisp fragrances.

Different ages also like different scents. Check out the different scents that difference ages requires.

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