Dressing to impress for your first date!



Going on a first date can be fun or stressful depending on the kind of person you are. Some people are easy going and don’t take things too personally. They will show up and have a great time no matter where they are meeting their date, whether its at a high class restaurant or a dingy bar somewhere in the city.

Some people though take a first date like an exam. They prepare in advance like its a test and they are going to be graded. Their clothes must be right, they will prepare questions to ask. They are basically on point as to how they want to appear at the date.

Whether you are the kind of cool cat that just takes it easy or you are the frantic everything must be planned to the last detail its important to know what to wear or what not to wear for your first date.

I came across this interesting post by Bata Kenya on what not to wear for your first date. Check it out and get some pointers.

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