Be your brother’s keeper – Depression



Depression.Anxiety. Stress.Hopelessness are things that are still taboo to freely talk about in this day and age in my neck of the woods. The pressures of our world day have probably driven us to occasionally put up appearances, outwardly okay and together but inwardly suffering.

A few peers have relocated to the afterlife, in their prime, when they had the best of their years ahead of them. We will talk about all the positive strides we are making, we will showcase our successes but never talk our challenges and struggles. End result, a feeling of loneliness and weakness due to the fact that we are unaware of other people’s struggles and weaknesses.

Depression is the secret we all share, maybe as a result of our socialization which has dictated that one must always been seen to be strong, to be together.

The time to let go of the stigma is now.Let’s seek help when we need it. Let’s not shy away from talking about issues until it becomes serious. Let’s not stigmatize therapy, depression. Let’s start by checking in on each other. Let’s be our brother’s keeper.

Article by Michael Kwambo. You can find him on twitter @michaelKwambo

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Michael Kwambo is a retired rugby player. He started out at Impala before moving to KCB. He currently is the Media & Communications Manager at the Kenya Rugby Union, and is in his spare time a writer, poet and singer.


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