Durex App helps bring back intimacy to the bedroom



I think we need a hallelujah up in here, and throw our hands up in the air in praise of condom brand, Durex. Through a tease video that went viral, the global condom world leader that ensures our sexual well being is met has officially launched an app that wants to turn us off to turn us on. This happens to be a good thing especially for a tech obsessed couple, this app is ought to revolutionize our bedroom matters.

Yes we all have temptations to check our technology and spend time on social media when we should be concentrating on our partners. It can be distracting when your partner wants to get intimate and at such moment you have opted to choose to look through the world of social media. just before a session of making love, there we are scrolling down the sites, replying emails and making the mood just mellow down to gloom and a session oh well, “I think I am tired we shall have some love tomorrow, lets sleep relax and wake up feeling reenergized”. This whole statement will end up being a cycle thus we end up saying we are in a dry spell for no good reason just we are so hang up on our tech gadgets we forget the pleasurable things in life such as sex.

Through this marketing campaign Durex is trying to entice couples to move their attention from their phones and draw their attention to their intimate side. The app is supposed to synchronize with your partner’s phone so that you can’t be distracted by the pleasures your phone has to offer. It has the ability to simply mask your phone’s home screen effectively putting the handset to slumber land thus removing all distractions.

The app followed volunteer couples that admitted to have fallen prey to the technology influence, as Durex took an emotional and reflective journey. They admitted and came to terms with their true obsession with technology. “The campaign has really highlighted this on a global scale,” Ukuonwo Ojo, Head of Global Equity at Durex.

This app also created an avenue through which people could access articles and advice from Durex’s team of sex and relationship experts with their wide range of sex toys. The ‘Durex Connect’ app is currently available for free on Google Play Store and is compatible with Android smart phones, and will be out soon on iOS.

This app came in four days ahead of the global Earth Hour, which is an environmental event promoted by the World Wide Fund for Nature. It takes place on the last Saturday of the month of March between 8:30 – 9:30pm. Earth hour is supposed to reconnect us and help us enjoy the pleasurable things this world has to offer.

Article by Shelmith Maureen.

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