KCB Safari Rally Easter route, spectator stages and rally information



This years KCB Safari Rally has the slogan “Bringing Rally to the People.” The rally that will be exciting fans this weekend has come back to its original rally dates. It will be an endurance kind of rally and its all about skills in this rally that will be raced both on private road and public roads as well.

The KCB Safari Rally will take place in five counties including Nairobi, Kiambu, Laikipia, Meru and Machakos and will cover 1000 Kilometers.  The rally in which Meru Forest will be in use will have Loldaiga as the longest stage at 54.77 kilometres while Meru ASK showground will be the shortest at 2.7 kilometres.

There are five spectator stages for the KCB Safari Rally: Ngare Ndare, Lisa Ranch, Nkunga, Meru ASK Showground and another at Machakos People’s Park.

The rally will start at the KICC  tomorrow Easter Friday 3rd April2015 where the first driver will roll off the ramp at the KICC at 9.00 a.m. Drivers will then tackle a 69.50 Kilometres of liaison distance through to Konza Service where they will have a privilege of 10 minutes given to service their vehicles.

They will then head back to the refuel zone at Konza before tackling their first stage of 39.55 Kilometres stage at Lisa Ranch.They will return to Konza refuel stage for the third time after which they will tackle a 5.90 Kilometres stage at Machakos People’s Park then head to refuel zone before repeating the Lisa Ranch section with a 45minute service after the Lisa Ranch stage will be given to drivers before heading back to Nairobi where they will assemble at KICC.

Day two on April 4 the rally will start at 5.30 pm and then head for refuel first at Shell Petrol Station on Thika Road and Shell Petrol Station in Karatina.The next destination is a road side service just before the Legetia start and they will do five stages including Lengetia, Loldaiga, Ngare Ndare, Nkunga and ASK Meru Spectator Stage, covering the day’s total of 420.92 kilometres of which 125.92 kilometres will be competitive.

Day three will cover 10 stages.At ASK showground, they will make two repeats then make a second run of Loldaiga, once each in Kisima and Kibirichia stage make a second run of Nkunga before proceeding to Meru Forest.


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