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Switch off from your everyday noisy, pressured and polluted environment and enter a completely different world in Tanzania. Tanzania has treasured hideaways, where you can enjoy the simplicity of the natural environment that surround this country. As you traverse though the mosaic geographic artwork of the various forest covers, white sandy beaches, beautiful water bodies and the natural wildlife attractions that make up this beautiful scenery. Take a look on the various places that you should visit in Tanzania.


Be thrilled by the hot balloon air rides at dawn as you watch the sun go down, as you watch the expansive savanna plains that form a pathway to the seventh wonder of the world Mara River. This is the most fantastic place to spot the lion at day as they briskly walk in the plains, you will also have a mobile camp truly set for the savanna environment that worth staying in. To have the hakuna matata experience, the best time to be around the Serengeti is between the months of December and June. And between the months of May and Early June, to enjoy the majestic wildebeest migration.


Mt. Kilimanjaro National Park

Be captivated by Tanzania’s snowcapped mountain (which is the highest mountain in Africa) as you enjoy an adventurous hike with friends and family. If you are fit and zealous enough (with months of training) you can make it to the top and pitch a flag of your own. Have an educative hike up the mountain as you travel through the different vegetation the mountain has to offer. There are various huts and tents within the park and luxurious hotels outside the park at Moshi. The best time to go is during December –February and July – September.


This happens to be Tanzania’s top most places to visit because of its white sandy beaches. It also offers an idyllic romantic escapade in an island known as Mnena Island. There are interesting prehistoric scenic places where you get to see how barter trade was carried out. You also get to see and smell their aromatic spices that make any meal mouthwatering. It’s a small island worth dropping by to quench your historic thirst quenched.


Ngorongoro Conservation Area

Welcome home to the sweet haven of the very rare black Rhino, and home to other beautiful creatures of the wild. It is said at the Ngongoro crater is where you will experience the densest wildlife population in the world. The jewel of Ngorongoro is the crater which geographically is the largest place in the world with an unbroken caldera and which remains unflooded. It also has huge historic sites like the Olduvai Gorge where the first man remains were found. Take short safari trips, trekking, excursions at the Olduvai Gorge and visit the Maasai.

Selous National Park

This is Africa’s largest reserve and it is home to the Cheetahs, Lion, and Hyenas. Come watch them in their natural habitat as they roam around the plains. You will also be enticed by the unforgettable boat rides that one can enjoy over the large water body that encompasses this beautiful reserve that is adjacent to the Serengeti.


Mahale Mountains

This beautiful historic place was discovered by Chinese researchers who camped in the area while they were doing research for their anthropology passion. Although the area is remote, it’s still home to 1000 chimpanzees and other primates. Engage yourself in a magical experience of tracking down chimpanzees. Hike to the highest point Nkungwe, which is a sacred place for the people of Tongwe. You can also go on camping safaris and go snorkeling just along Lake Tanganyika. The best time to visit is between the months of May and October.

Tarangire National Park

Imagine yourself walking on dry riverbeds which have now footpaths in a baobab dotted environment. As you walk in the most densely wildlife populated area in Tanzania, enjoy a safari with family and friends. If you love bird watching carry your binoculars so that you can see exotic birds that create beautiful harmony in the morning.

Katavi National Park

Walk through the isolated and remote Katavi, which is said to be the only place which is guaranteed to provide the ‘intrepid souls who make it there with a thrilling taste of Africa’. It happens to be Tanzania third largest park. Despite its remoteness, be assured that you will have a unique experience. There are places you can get accommodation. There is a campsite where you can stay. You can also fly in style as there is a landing pad. During the dry season you will be able to see the true Katavi. Katavi is reduced to a murky drinking point. Over 4000 elephant and wildlife converge on these floodplains. The best time to visit is during the dry seasons of May – October

Ruaha National Park

Come have fun in this remote place in Tanzania. At the heart of the park is the Great Ruaha River that dwindles down to only a few water pools during the dry season. It is a spectacular wildlife converging point and it is great to watch the elephants as they trek down to the Ruaha River. The best time to go to the Ruaha River is during the dry season as it is the best time to get a good view of the game animals. You can also take short safari walks, and bird watching activities.

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However, this place is only accessible by air. It highly recommended to give yourself 4 days to enjoy this untamed area in Tanzania.

Mafia Island

As the name suggest, the place steals you away from the norm of life. Come to this ‘undiscovered gem in Africa’ as it is still virgin territory. It has a rich Swahili history. You will have a fabulous time watch turtles, whales and even the man eating sharks. If you would like to add thrill to your experience, you can have a deep sea diving experience just close to the designated marine parks.

For relaxation, choose accommodation from the wide array of intimate resorts and dozen boutique hotels.

Lake Victoria

Come enjoy Tanzania’s side of the Lake Victoria. Lake Victoria is a fresh water lake which is the source of the river Nile. Have a spectacular time by engaging in exciting activities such as bird watching, fishing, boat rides along the lake. You can also go hiking which can be more fun either for a team building activities with a group of friends.

Gombe Island

Take a trip down to one of the smallest of Tanzania’s national parks, and enter into what can be termed as chimp-haven; it is basically a fragile strip of chimpanzee habitat. It was made popular by a British researcher Jane Goodall who was conducting a research on chimpanzees. It’s a good place to see chimpanzees and feed them. Also watch over 200 bird species at the park. After dusk sets in, enjoy the dazzling night sky at the shore area, where fishing boats bobby in the lake like a sprawling city. You can you set camp at the luxury tented lodges with self-catering services. The best time to visit in between July-October and late December.

Arusha National Park

Walk into a multi-faceted wildlife sanctuary that is within the town of Arusha, and explore the diversity of wildlife just within a few hours. Walk through the only place where it is easy to see the acrobatic Columbus monkeys swing from tree to tree.

Within the forest, enjoy the spectacular view of the Ngoruto crater, whose wild mushy floor is home to herding buffalos and warthogs. Take a trip further north and see the wildlife as you enjoy the view of the Momela lakes. The lake is beautifully shaded with pink due to the presence of flamingos. There a wide array of hotels to choose from inside the park and outside the park in Arusha town. The best time to visit for mountain climbing and Mountain View between November and February.

Lake Manyara

Lake Manyara is a Tanzanian gem. It is a lovely scenic park on the road from Arusha to Ngorongoro that stretches over 50km along the Rift Valley escarpment. The lake takes up much of the park leaving a long strip of land for the wildlife to walk on. You can get to see the tree climbing lions, elephants and the baboons. It also provides the perfect introduction to the Tanzanian birdlife. Feast your eyes on the pink hued flamingos and a wide array of water birds such as the pelicans, cormorants, and storks.

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Engage yourselves in game drives, canoeing, abseiling and forest walks. Relax at the luxurious tree house styled camps, hotels, and lodges. The best time to visit is during July-December and November- June.

Pemba Island

Disconnect from everything and discover this remote island. It is best suited for people who are looking for serenity and close encounters with wildlife. There are lush coral garden and colorful marine wildlife. Discover Chake Chake, the popular area for scuba diving activities, fishing and also swimming. Pemba Island happens to be hilly so it is a good place to engage in mountain bike activities. Learn about the traditions of the islands, from the voodoo and traditional doctors. Enjoy beautiful meals prepared by the world’s major producer of cloves.

Article by Shelmith Maureen and Rayhab Gachango.

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