Teriyaki Japan restaurant corner house – review


After a shopping spree at Maasai Market we were looking for a place to eat and as we were walking we spotted Teriyaki Japan Grilled Chicken at Corner House. One of my cousins who lives in the US said that they have great food in the US so we should try it out.

teriyakiTeriyaki apparently means “grilled with shine.” It is a method of cooking meat like beef, fish, and chicken. The teriyaki sauce gives a shine to the food and also makes it look appetizing. The meats are either broiled or grilled with a glaze of soy sauce, mirin, sake and sugar which is what makes the Teriyaki sauce. The meat is either brushed or dipped in the sauce several times during cooking.

Teriyaki Japan is known mainly for its grilled chicken dishes. You also get to watch your food sizzling on the grill. Usually Teriyaki Japan stir fries are not cooked with oils or fats but instead steaming water is used on the grill to keep the meat from sticking to the grill.

The food is freshly made and you watch it being made as you stand in line. Teriyaki meals usually come with vegetables which means it’s a healthier food alternative. It is great because for the same price as other fast food options you get a healthy meal. The vegetables were crispy and tasty without becoming limpy.  Usually Teriyaki Japan stir fries are not cooked with oils or fats but instead steaming water is used on the grill to keep the meat from sticking to the grill.

The meals come with steamed rice/noodles/chips/salad and fresh vegetables. The options for the dishes include chicken teriyaki, chicken teriyaki spicy, mayo chicken teriyaki, chicken teriyaki fry egg, DX chicken teriyaki, chicken deep fried bowl, chicken cutlet bowl, and BBQ beef bowl. Teriyaki Japan also serves different kinds of donuts, cookies, house coffee, espresso, Kenya tea, and green tea.

teriyaki 2I had the BBQ beef bowl which doesn’t seem to be something that they make really fast. I had to wait almost 20 mins to get my order after seating down. But when it came it was definitely worth the wait. It was delicious. But they used too much soy sauce so it tasted too salty.

My cousin Miriam had the chicken cutlet bowl. The food was excellent according to her although the chicken cutlets were too dry. I think they needed more teriyaki sauce so that it would be more moist. My cousin who lives in the US said that the food is similar to the US food only that in US they don’t serve fries with the Teriyaki Japan meals.

My cousin Simple Susan formerly of GogoSimo had the Chicken Teriyaki. She had ordered the meal with noodles which were apparently not available. She was forced to take chips which she is not a fan of because she didn’t want rice either. The meal was excellent but she said that chicken pieces were very few for the prices that were being charged. The pieces did not add up to a quarter piece of chicken.

The chips were very good. Actually I carried half of my meal home and ate it cold. It actually tasted really good when it was cold. I don’t know how the fries were cooked, but they did not have that oily, greasy texture that fries have when they get cold.

Compared to Chinese restaurants that I have gone to the meal is relatively inexpensive. You would pay twice as much in a Chinese restaurant where they usually charge per item.

The service was good. The food was great. They just need to get the Teriyaki sauce mixture right so that its doesn’t taste too salty. The washrooms were very clean for a restaurant that is very busy and the place was packed. I would give it a 3 1/2 out of 5 because they didn’t have noodles. Also sauce and salt would be nice at the tables which is something people (like me) might need when they are eating fries.


When researching Teriyaki Japan I came across this article on how to make teriyaki sauce. I also found a recipe for making chicken teriyaki at home. .

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