VLCC – my experience at the beauty and slimming center


I went to the VLCC slimming and wellness center a couple of months ago just after it opened. Workload has been crazy so now is when I am getting to review the place. For those who don’t know VLCC is a state of the art wellness center in Nairobi. It offers slimming and weight management and also beauty treatments.

I needed to get a facial and one of the slimming treatments. I was going to the coast and needed to look good while on holiday. The first thing they did was to check my skin. This was done with a gadget that was a magnifier that showed the condition of my skin in minute detail. It is very weird seeing your magnified skin cells on a computer. This is important so that they can choose the best facial for your skin. I was told my skin needed more moisture and that I needed to do facials more often.

skin 2


Then there was a garget that measured my BMI. This machine is unique because it gives your body composition. It gave my body mass, my muscle mass and body fat mass. There is a print out and this is what they use to determine what slimming treatments you do.

“Body Composition Analysis”chart

The first thing I did was the air and fir therapy. I had to take off all of my clothes, wear disposable underwear, and sit on a bed. Then these sleeves were attached to my legs, hands, and stomach. The sleeves when turned on radiate some kind of warming heat. I stayed in there for 45 minutes. This is one of the treatments to lose weight. At the end I had lost almost a Kg.

air and fir theraphy


I then went in to see the nutritionist who looked at my weight print out. She advised me on healthy ways to eat, to watch my portions and how to balance my meals. She also told me the foods and fruits to eat or avoid in my weight loss journey. She also advised me to keep a food journal so that I can check on what I eat. I am still using her advice and it has helped me to lose weight (didn’t do the food journal though. Not big on diaries).


food pyramid

Then I went in to get a facial. My skin was cleansed, steamed, toned, and massaged. It was a very relaxing treatment and my skin was glowing afterwards. I also felt lighter and more relaxed.

smiling lady

I would recommend trying VLCC. I found their method of doing things to be very professional. I also learnt a lot from them on how to take care of my skin and how to manage my weight. Lessons that I am still using today.

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