Angani Launches Unique Cloud Service Solutions for East Africa


anganiAngani, a fully automated cloud infrastructure company launched their cloud and hosting services today at the Intercontinental Hotel. They also announced their partnership with local data center operators, to offer safe and cost effective cloud solutions. Users can have a new server operational in a secure, reliable data center within 15 minutes.

Some of the cloud services include

• Media storage playout for media content creators and distributors, including video producers, TV networks, radio producers, FM stations and photographers.
• PABX for businesses that need to communicate through telephony services, to multiple branches and a mobile workforce.
• Vault for storing valuable data and preventing theft, or loss of data through corrupted hard drives. Basically it gives you secure backup for your personal and business data.
• Virtual office that allows you and your employees to work from anywhere. It gives you the freedom from server breakdowns and expensive IT personnel to man the server.
• CCTV backup lets you store your surveillance video footage in the cloud, where it is safe from corruption, erasure or theft because there is always a secure copy offsite.

Basically the age of the server is over and the age of the cloud is here. To symbolize this Mr. Victor Kyalo, the CEO of ICT Authority was given a hammer and a server, and he crushed it.

Video courtesy of Erik Hersman @whiteafrican

The Angani public cloud infrastructure will enable businesses to develop, test and customize applications quickly. It will make the idea of having a virtual office not a dream but a reality.

Cloud services have the benefit that they do not require IT infrastructure thus saving on room costs, electricity costs and IT personnel costs. Organizations will only pay for what they require and if needs change then upgrading can be done quickly.

The biggest reason I think why Angani makes sense is this question we were asked at the launch of the Angani Cloud service. Why should IT staff spend holidays upgrading their servers when everybody else is having fun? They can do it anytime with Angani cloud.

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