When will I feel secure in my own country?

Image from http://www.gazettenet.com/home/16418820-95/kenyans-pan-slow-response-to-attack
Image from //www.gazettenet.com/home/16418820-95/kenyans-pan-slow-response-to-attack
Image from http://www.gazettenet.com/home/16418820-95/kenyans-pan-slow-response-to-attack

When does it stop? When will I feel secure in my own country? I thought that it’s the work of the government to keep me secure. As the days pass the insecurity in the country worries me. The latest terrorist attack that happened last Thursday at Garissa university scared me and I am still scared.

If we can’t be safe in our schools where will we be safe? It’s sad that the government keeps giving the same old assurances that all is well…but I am still waiting on Westgate, Mpeketoni, Thika road grenade attack reports. The government covering the funeral expenses, hospital bills and the president sending personalized letters to the victims’ families does not change anything for the families affected. It will not sooth their pain.

How do you overcome the traumatic memories of having people killed infront of you. I have only heard the stories or read about what happened and I feel for those who had a first had experience with the terrorists. How is a parent meant to feel safe sending their child to school if the next time they see them is in a coffin? I am thinking the government should do more, not just giving statements and holding press conferences. We don’t want the long stories we just want to be safe and maybe for once we might appreciate their efforts in keeping us safe.

The contradicting statements from the government do not make the situation any better and just makes us freak out. Even if we have a year of mourning, this will not change a thing.

After the Garissa Massacre, the president announced that 10,000 recruits (who were corruptly recruited) were to report for training so that there are more police men protecting the citizens. Just wondering how long does the training take? Will the security be much better or it will be even worse?

I no longer have any faith in the government because I feel it has failed me. Now many politicians are not out there demanding answers because they are not affected, but if it was one of them or their people then they would be creating havoc, asking for investigations. Now all they do is blame the national government and they as leaders have not done something.

Its quite sad that the North Eastern leaders now had the courage to call a press conference and say that now they are ready to give out the names of the people joining alshabab and those funding the terrorists. Has the pain of the 147 souls gotten to them or is this another political game so that come the next general election they will be elected. Are they being politically correct when there is need to be?

Yes we as the citizens have to do our part and keep vigilant in our neighborhoods but we can only do so much and the rest is left to the government. As I was watching the coverage of the story, it was said that apparently the student had rumors late last December that the school might be attacked. I am wondering if such rumors got to the intelligence team.

Are we prepared to deal with more terrorist attack? As a country when will we learn and correct our mistakes. We are tired of insisting that people be fired for messing up security issues. All we want is to go to work, school, home in peace. Is that too much to ask?

Opinion by Wacuka Kangethe.

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