Sexy Cinderella It’s Almost Midnight – Part 13


This is the story of a modern Cinderella Zawadi. Zawadi is the daughter of a wealthy man, but she is the maid. Her stepmother takes advantage of the fact that her father is not in the country to mistreat her. Her luck changed and she got an invite to Rafik’s party. Rafik is the most famous musician in the land, a prince among men. They have a spark but Zawadi like the fairytale Cinderella had to leave the ball at midnight. Zawadi goes to design school and she has finally graduated. Her secret has been discovered that she is the mystery princess who was at Rafik’s party. Her wicked stepmother tells the press not only is Zawadi a maid but she is a thief as well.  If you have not read the rest of the story here is where the story begins.

Zawadi waited or her friends to come home. She spent the whole day designing and thinking about what she would do. She was not sure about what to do about Madam Asila but she was sure she wanted to go home to western to take a break from Nairobi.

When her friends arrived Zawadi had cooked. As they sat down to eat they discussed what they should do. Zack said that the best thing would be to get a sympathetic reporter or presenter on TV who they could tell their story to. Zack said that he knew Caroline Mutoko. “I think she will be interested in your story. I will call her tomorrow.”

Afterwards, they all went to the sitting room to watch the news. The stations were all calling her sinderella. Images of the Asila’s family house were all over the media with Madam Asila saying that Zawadi was a maid and that they knew she had stolen money.

Speculations as to how Rafik would take the news. How would he take the news that Zawadi was not really from a rich family but that she was a maid who had been accused of stealing money? Memes with Zawadi’s image were doing their rounds on social media and the new mobile application called Whatsapp that was gaining prominence in Kenya.

After trying to find a station that was giving a more balanced view of the situation and finding none they decided to watch a movie instead.

That night as she sat on her bed Zawadi prayed that God would give her a way to clear her name. Zawadi tossed and turned in bed trying to fall asleep. Finally, she was able to sleep.

The next day Zack called Caroline Mutoko’s office. She was on leave and so he was unable to get her. She was due back in 3 days and so they had to wait because he did not have her personal number. Zawadi was unable to leave the house. She was scared of being spotted and made fun of.

2 days later Rafik was back in the country after a tour in Europe. Reporters met him at the airport and tried to interview him. They asked him whether he was still interested in Zawadi.

“I don’t know why Zawadi did what she did. I think it is unfair to judge her based on what her employer said. It would be important to give her side o the story. I am shocked to find out that she is a maid. All I can say is that she is the most beautiful maid I have ever met. It would have been great to meet her under different circumstances. But look at what she has done. Gone through college, won an award for best designer. That is not somebody everybody can do. If you are listening Zawadi I would like to hear your side of the story.”

He refused to answer questions asked to him by reporters. With cameras flashing and reporters running after him he let the airport.

Zawadi was surprised by Rafik’s statement but it warmed her heart. At least one person was giving her a chance to prove her innocence. . She knew Rafik had a bad experience 2 years ago. He had been accused of stealing the lyrics for one of his hit songs. But it turned out the songwriter who wrote the song had “borrowed” from his friend and his songwriter was on the wrong. Rafik was exonerated although the recording studio had to pay damages. But it had damaged his image when the story had gone public and it had taken time to prove his innocence.

Zawadi wondered whether if she cleared her name she might be able to meet Rafik and maybe talk to him. She wasn’t expecting anything from him but he was her music idol and it would be nice to meet him and thank him for speaking out on her behalf. At the thought of meeting Rafik she blushed.

Will Zawadi be able to clear her name? Find out in the next instalment of Sexy Cinderella its almost midnight part 14.

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