The most luxurious houses on sale in Kenya revealed


The property sector in Kenya has experienced an increasing demand for luxury houses. Now, people are looking for extra luxurious amenities such as: swimming pools, jacuzzis, saunas, well-manicured gardens, gyms and clubhouses – facilities that were rare in the past.

Dan Karua, Managing Director of real estate portal Lamudi Kenya, said: “The rise of luxury homes has been facilitated by the growing middle class, who are willing to pay premium prices for high-end houses. Developers are tapping into this market segment, which has a higher spending power, by constructing houses with quality finishes and fittings with a modern feel.”

Lamudi has compiled a list of the 10 most luxurious houses in Kenya listed on the real estate portal. The houses are spacious, are on enormous plots and feature everything needed in this category of the market. However, it is not only newly-built properties that make the list. Older villas with romantic architecture and well-maintained gardens can also be found.

 10) Six-bedroom house in Muthaiga  10

This six-bedroom house sits on one acre piece of land. The master ensuite offers additional wardrobes, bathtub and shower space. It has a spacious lounge with a fireplace, kitchen with cabinets, standby generator, CCTV cameras and cable TV connections. The garden is well manicured with mature trees and exotic fruits. You will also get to experience the serenity and comfort of the neighborhood, with views offered from your compound.


9) Five-bedroom house in Lower Kabete


 Located in Lower Kabete is this beautiful house with scenic forest views. It provides an outdoor entertainment area and a walking track with mature gardens. The house has incorporated green features with the provision of large windows allowing natural lighting into the house. The house has an Italian lighting system, bathroom tiles and sanitary ware, and brass for the door handles. There is also a standby generator, intercom and internet access – a modern house within nature.

8) Six-bedroom house in Lavington


Lavington has quite a large number of luxury houses. This one-of-a-kind six-bedroom house, located on Mzima Springs, stands on 1.1 acres. In this magnificent house, you will get three spacious sitting rooms with a bar, a guest wing and a servant quarters for two. Its V-shape allows you to have a diverse view of your property from the well-tended lawns.

 7) Six-bedroom home in Lavington

7 This six-bedroom house is in the plush, secure and opulent neighbourhood of Lavington-Manyani Road. Standing on an 0.8 acre piece of land, the house has crystal chandeliers, a grand front entrance and glass door. It is also fitted with vintage finishes and all bedrooms have balconies opening up to the lush garden or swimming pool. The house has six water fountains, wall-to-wall carpet and well-manicured gardens.

6) Four-bedroom house in Karen


This plush house is located in the luxurious neighbourhood of Karen. The house stands on a ten acre piece of land with a large swimming pool and spacious bedrooms, lounge, dining room and kitchen. The property is in a tranquil cul de sac, meaning you will have plenty of peace and quiet at home. It is secured by an electric fence and in close proximity to international schools.


5) Seven-bedroom house in Old Muthaiga

5This magnificent house lies on a one acre piece of land in Old Muthaiga. The seven-bedroom property is surrounded by exotic trees, mature well-manicured lawns and a swimming pool. It offers a stylish location to entertain your family and friends.

 4) Five-bedroom home in Gigiri

4Located on the outskirts of the Central District Business in the diplomatic blue zone of Gigiri, this traditional house stands on a three acre piece of land. The property has been updated with modern touches to enhance its appeal, while still maintaining the comfortable country-side allure found in the prime area of Gigiri.

 3) Six-bedroom house in Nyali

3With panoramic views of the Indian Ocean, this six-bedroom house sits on a two acre piece of land in a secure and serene neighbourhood. It is the first house outside Nairobi to make it to the list. Apart from the beautiful ocean views, this luxurious property has a large outdoor swimming pool and a garden filled with exotic trees. Inside, the house offers state-of-the-art interior designs and decor, with granite and bamboo used for the countertops and flooring.

 2) Six-bedroomed House no. 12

This gorgeous property is located in the serene and plush residence of Magnolia Residence in Kitisuru. The house has intimately designed spaces and can accommodate a gathering of up to 300 people at once. With large windows to provide natural lighting, plus an indoor and outdoor swimming pool, this uniquely-designed home exhumes luxury and prestige. The interiors are well fitted with local and imported finishes.


1) Shimba North Estate


 Claiming first place on the list is this magnificent house located on the South Coast, 40 minutes from Diani on 840 acres piece of land. The luxurious house overlooks the Shimba Hills towards Tsavo and Kilimanjaro. The unique cliff-top house has spectacular views of the plains towards Kilimanjaro, Kasigau and the Usambara Mountains. The house has an indoor pool, two-bed cottage, ample supply of water with a borehole, 50KVA back-up generator, and solar panels installed for swimming pool hot water heating.
Article courtesy of Lamudi.
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