Safaricom please sort out your internet. It’s terrible.



Yesterday at a party I was attending we were talking about other things when the question of internet came up. My friend wanted to charge his Airtel modem because he needed to use the internet on his phone and he uses the modem as his wireless connection. Inevitably the issue of Safaricom internet came up and everybody agreed that their internet had been bad lately and people were looking at other options.

The last two months I have seen complaints on my TL about the Safaricom internet. But I have also had issues with it. To be fair to Safaricom when I have reached out to customer care they have been very supportive. They have given solutions including resetting my internet connection from their side. But this hasn’t helped much. The internet connection still has many times when it is really slow and you have to wait for ages for pages to load even on mobile.

As somebody who is now working from home and using my Safaricom as my only internet source for my blog, research and also to do my social media it is disappointing when the network is really slow. For most people they have offices where they use the office internet but it is a disappointment for anybody who is trying to use it for business and you have to wait for a long time before anything loads.

Safaricom need to do something especially because Airtel is offering a great package with their unlimited offers. If they do not do something about fixing their internet connection issues they will lose customers, some of whom already use Airtel internet as an option. They also need to sort out their nightly internet connection because sometimes it is even worse then during the day. There is many a night I have given up on using the internet and gone to bed waiting for morning so that I can use the net in the morning.

There is also an issue which I have seen complained about on twitter which I have also noticed. Yesterday night I got an sms saying that my data bundle is below 2 MB. I bought the 8 GB 90 day validity bundle. This morning when I checked my internet data bundles I have 8290.85 MB. That means that I hadn’t exhausted my bundles when Safaricom sent me a message. This is something they need to watch out for because nobody is going to be happy when they realize they had bundles yet they got an sms to top up.

Speaking of internet things it’s almost time for the one year post paid customers were given before termination of their contracts. I don’t know how the new tariffs will be but I hope they will add the internet MBs that we get. Many people use a lot of internet bundles to communicate on Whatsapp, check updates of FB, twitter and their emails. The bundles that we get are not enough so we have to top up almost immediately because of consumption of bundles on social media. They need to come up with a better data package.

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