Dan Chizi Aceda Live At The Elephant This Friday


at the elephant

Dan Aceda is one of my favourite modern benga musicans. He has been singing for over a decade and sings about love, social ills and other issues. He is also a great person to follow on twitter as he interacts with his fans there. Some of his famous songs include Sana – Sana and An e yo. Dan has performed in Duets with other notable musicians including Eric Wainana and Amileena. He has 3 albums to his name.

Leo Mkanyia may not be famous yet in Kenya but he is one of those artists you need to watch out for. He sings in various languages among them Kiyao, Kimakua, Swahili, English and French. He is a self taught guitarist.

Leo has a band called Swahili Blues Band. Leo’s six man band comprises of Leo on guitar and vocals, with the other five members playing harmonica, xylophone, percussions, saxophone and rhythm guitar. Swahili Blues Band have a mostly coastal sound. The band has two albums Dunia Hii (this world) and Jasho Langu (my sweat).

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