How to stop procrastinating


prostination 2Procrastination all starts, when we have a deadline to beat and instead of putting our energy into completing the goal, we end up being distracted by things like checking whatsapp, social media comments, blogs, watching movies and television programs.

In this year’s April edition of True Love, there is a beautiful story of one of Tanzania’s best known music artists who rocked the stage not only in Tanzania but in the region. Ray C’ career went down the drain due to long term drug addiction. Ray C kept on postponing her check into rehab due to musical ventures that kept her busy, not knowing she was losing her soul to drugs. It was not until the president of Tanzania, Jakaya Kikwete offered to take her to rehab that she was able to go to rehab but by that time her life was such a mess. She didn’t even have any income to assist in her upkeep.

Procrastination can steep into our finances, career, business, relationship and health. We hate to admit it, but in electing to put off today what can be done tomorrow we adversely sell out our happiness both today, and in the many tomorrows that comprise our future.


How can you get yourself out of the bad habit of procrastination? Here are one of the few ways you can avoid procrastination.

Break your work into little bits and steps: this enables you to focus on one major idea within a set goal. It will stop you from getting distracted, make work easy and make your goals achievable.

Change your environment: just like Ray C, the first thing that was done to assist her in her rehab was to change her environment. She was moved from a shanty place that is close most of the drug peddlers to an isolated place where she would concentrate on her rehab program. Move away from the things that make you procrastinate, it could be the TV for example. Go to another room to work.

Have a detailed timeline: when you know you are reading for exams and you only have one week to read avoid trying to read all the subjects at once. You will get bored and find it too hard to settle down to read, and you will opt to do something else. Create a timetable that will make work easy and have breaks in between your schedule. Work will be easy to handle since it will be well portioned.

Hang out with people who are goal-oriented. These types of people will motivate and inspire you to work towards your goals.

Learn how to harness fear: it is said fear leads people to procrastinate. Find ways to get over your fear, and motivate yourself to work on your goals.

Own up to your weaknesses: by building an accountability team either in your work, school or personal life, who can help you stay focused.

Incentive program: create a system where you reward yourself when you beat your deadlines and you don’t procrastinate.

The most important thing is to avoid over complicating things by saying that you are waiting for the prefect time to do the task. Just get on with it and do the task.

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