How to take care of Natural Hair


natural black hair
If you look at pictures of the 70’s and 80’s, afro hair was the in thing, it was actually a fashion statement and everybody had that big do. It was embraced by men too and it seemed like life was so easy then. But with time, it became trendy too to have relaxed hair, as all the celebrities and models had relaxed hair.

I also had my hair relaxed after having it natural because it seemed like a good idea. It is quite interesting that men find no reason to tease girls with relaxed hair the way they make jokes about women who wear weaves. Eventually with time I realised how damn expensive it is to have relaxed hair, you have to treat it, relax it after 3 months and it can take up a lot of your time. I eventually went natural by putting an afro hair do. I love it. These are a few tips that have enabled me to maintain that beautiful afro natural look.

Let’s start with the donts of natural hair.

  • Being Kenyan there is nothing as easy as going to the salon to be braided especially if you are in Nairobi and happen to like Kenyatta market. Having your hair braided gives your hair a chance to grow but you need to avoid hairdressers who make your braids too tight. They may tell you the tighter the braids the longer it will stay and it will grow quickly. This is a lie as tight braids end up cutting your roots, something called traction alopecia, which causes loss of hair. You can also get rashes and you will be uncomfortable when sleeping.
  • Avoid heat: Don’t overuse the flat iron, blow dry, and tongs as this will just weaken your hair and eventually make it thin.
  • Hair extensions: Overuse of hair extensions will pluck out your hair and this basically includes anything that will be attached to your hair.
  • The famous spritz styles, sometimes known as a straw set. This stuff is very damaging to natural hair due to the fact as it will leave hair crunchy and make it susceptible to hair breakage and hair loss.
  • Over greasing and oiling the scalp. Why it is a no-no is because it clogs the scalp pores and suffocates the hair follicles eventually leading to hair loss.

The do’s:

  • Drink lots and lots of water as it assists hair to become more strong and moisturized. Eat natural foods and make sure you are eating a balanced diet.
  • Keep hair clean at all times because this will ensure your hair follicles are open for easy hair growth.
  • Always protect your hair by trimming your hair ends for even hair. It also stimulates healthy growth of hair.
  • Opt to use organic and natural hair oil products, avoid oils with mineral oils and petroleum, and get natural oils like almonds, avocado, coconut and Jojoba oils.
  • Use a wide toothed hair comb; avoid using small toothed hair combs that end up pulling your hair and snapping it thus losing part of your hair.
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