Tips for losing weight


losing weight
Let’s face it gaining weight is such an easy thing to do, it happens without one noticing. Losing weight on the other hand is difficult for most people. I will give you some tips on how to shed off that extra weight.

If you are an avid Kikuyu mugithi listener you will probably remember this music hit, ‘Ino ni momo’ meaning this huge mamacita. There is a lot of pressure especially brought about by the media on what can be termed as the perfect size/shape. But at times one must lose weight because of health issues like blood pressure, cholesterol, heart issues etc. But also shedding weight after pregnancy is one of the other reasons why one may want to lose weight to regain the previous size or shape. One might also be obese because of hereditary factors or unhealthy lifestyle.

Here are a few tips on losing weight.

Rule number one is to never skip meals thinking that it will enable you to reduce your weight. Your weight is mostly determined by your food consumption and it is advisable to never skip meals. Breakfast is the most important meal of the day and it allows you to stay at least 3 hours without feeling hungry. Try to make sure you don’t skip meals.

Try to eat more proteins or have more proteins in your meals as this will help alleviate hunger pangs and the urge to over eat will be reduced.

Have more veggies in your meals as they have fibre which is filling. This also helps reduce constipation and eases digestion as well.

Reduce your carbohydrates intake. Some carbohydrates like oats, cereals and brown bread breads are not bad. But you should reduce carbohydrate consumption, have it proportionately and moderately.

Have small portions of meals throughout the day rather than have three large meals like the up country local fellows who have healthy meals but stack up their plates with too much food.

Avoid refrigerated meals if you can and opt for more fresh food.

Water should be a  substitute all other unhealthy fluids like alcohol, carbonated drinks and the like as it speeds up the metabolism in the body and also makes digestion easier.

Make sure you exercise and work out. Take a 30 minutes stroll or jog 3 a week. If possible then you can increase the frequency of this. If you have money go to the gym where you can work out and tone your body too.

Once in a while reward yourself by having some cake, a bar of chocolate, or cup of ice cream but it should be as a reward to meeting your fitness target or weight loss target. Have a control plan on how you will do so.

It is good to note that losing weight should not be a punishment to your body, but should be a daily regime for healthy living.

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