Airtel launches mhealth service for its customers


Airtel Kenya and Medanta Africare health service provider have partnered to launch a new health service. The service is aimed at enabling customers’ access health care service and medical advice via their mobile phone.

This service will enable all Airtel subscribers to consult with doctors from Medanta Africare centre and be able access relevant health care advice. Customers will be able to access this service by simply dialing 1525, which will be charged at normal Airtel call rates. The service will be available from 8 am to 8pm daily.

This service for mhealth will be piloted in Nairobi and will enable customers to get a second opinion on a medical diagnosis. The advantage of this service is that there will be a specialist in medata India through medanta`s telemedicine call centre in Nairobi.

Additionally, the following services will be extended to all Airtel premier subscribers:

Pathology: 20% discount for those who pay on cash means.
Radiology: 20% discount for those who pay via cash.
Dental consultation: 1000 shillings for all who pay via cash.
Doctor’s consultation: 1 free consultation a year for subsequent reviews.
Telemedicine consultation with medicity: 50% discount.
Pharmacy medicine: 10% discount on all medicine purchased from their premises.
Specialist consultation at main facility: 20% discount.

The mhealth services delivers accurate medical diagnosis by well trained staff who will deal with customers calls and recommend solutions to respective doctors in the hospital for relevant action to be taken.

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