10 things to do before your 30th birthday


Oh damn! Oh damn! I am here blowing my 29th birthday candles and trying to make a wish that life would not rush so fast as it did. I stop and reminisce on the blessings that I have had.

It is crazy how the years past by when you aren’t watching. Like seriously it was just the other day I finished University and I had this outlined plan of how my life would be like by the time I got to 30. I was so excited about life and how I would soon get a job. Yap your typical Kenyan university has all these ambitions. First and foremost, was to get a job in line in my major academic study area, then get a boyfriend, settle down and have a family, not all of that have been achieved as I have realized.

I know you probably find this ridiculous; my greatest fear is I will be 30 years soon and my online profile say I am not yet hitched. I have no boyfriend to show yet I have crushes and I have no children to showcase on the internet for the world to see. I am still trying to juggle my life.

Beyonce says “Just work with the ruffles”, and I have to come to realize that is the best thing to do. Whatever life throws at you make the best out of it. So let me give you tips on what to do before you hit 30 so that you can look back and not have regrets. Here is a list of things to do before 30.

1. Save Money:

We all remember how our parents  gave us an opportunity to save money in piggy banks like the one for Barclays famously known as Jumbo junior. Well have the mind set of young person, and opt to save at least 30% of your income in your bank account, your chamaa or your Sacco. Don’t squander it all going out to clubs, restaurants or spending it on unnecessary things. Saving up cash not only set you up for a secure future and instils discipline that will help you as you enter your prime years.

2. Wake up early:

We were all used to sleeping while on holiday during our teenage years. But if you want to be among the most successful people before 30 years, chose to wake up early, start reading in the morning or meditate, as you prepare for the day before the craziness of the day hits. The great Aristotle once said, “It’s wise to wake up before day break, for such habits contribute to health, wealth and wisdom.”

3. Watch what you eat:

This does not mean that you start skipping meals in name that you are busy and all try to watch your weight but basically, it means that it is good to note that as you age, your metabolism slows down. At this time in your life it is good to improve your own health patterns which are important as you enter your 30’s.

4. Make Friends:

It is wise to stay or keep friends with much older people it assists in broadening your leadership skills but also broadens your social circles and adds new dynamics to mentorship. Go out dancing, hang out in the clubs, have fun at the movies, go out bowling. It is good to socialize and get to know people. If you don’t drink you can still have fun going out dancing with your mates, you can go out camping or go out on picnics.

5. Take risks in your Career:

Aim for the career you always wished for. It is during this time that you are able and allowed to be crazy, if you wish to be a model or a dancer go ahead and do it. Volunteer at some social organization by doing something useful. Just basically have fun before responsibilities come.

6. Do something adventurous:

No one will remember playing PS games indoors, but you will surely remember the day you went to another town, country and made friends. Enjoy your body while you are still young by doing all sorts of vigorous activities such as hiking and nature trail walks. This will help you make more friends who you can engage with, learn a few things about new places and broaden your horizons.

travel 2

7. Travel

It is during this time you are still active and have cash and energy to burn before family and responsibility tie you do. Learn how to sail, go mountain climbing with a group of friends, and go for picnics out of town. Take a road trip or a bike ride out of town. Enjoy Kenya and the world while you are young and energetic. The world is your oyster and it is possible to travel cheaply if you

8. Date
While you are still trying to find the man/woman of your dreams you will have to date a few frogs before you find your prince/princess. Go out on dates so that you can learn people and see whether you are compatible. Date all sorts of people, and you will eventually know who is a heart breaker, a douche bag or people who are desperate or psycho. Have fun and when you find the right person who you can see yourself spending a lifetime with, that’s the person you should marry.

9. Pursue your talents

Sometimes the things that we go to learn in school for our profession is not necessarily the things that make our hearts leap with joy. Make sure you use your talents. If you love singing join a band or your church choir. Paint, write, draw, dance or use your entrepreneurship skills. These could help you later on in life; also it makes you happy and can calm you down after a stressful day at work.

10. Learn new stuff:

Learn to play a new instrument, or a new language it will take you a long way. Take dancing lessons if you have always wanted to dance but didn’t know how. Find out more about your profession. Get a mentor to help in your career path. Learn more about entrepreneurship as this can help you get side hustle job to get extra cash.

Be willing to learn, grow, experiment. You are only young once and you don’t want to have regrets about the things you didn’t do.

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