I missed Cupid’s arrow – By E. Alubaka Asher


man in love

A kiss blown in the wind
That I failed to catch,
Fell on another man’s lips
And it’s hard to watch.
A joke I was told,
But didn’t understand,
Fell on another man’s ears
Now the jokes on me.
The song she asked me to dance to
But I was slow to my feet,
Now the song is playing
And I am dancing alone.
A cupid’s arrow,
That was aimed at my heart,
Went right through it
And fell on another.
Now with a wounded heart,
it’s raining in my eyes,
I am drowning in tears.
With a broken heart
All I see is sorrow,
As happiness passed me by
On cupid’s arrow.

By E. Alubaka Asher

Love speaks from the heart and it doesn’t explain. Listen to your heart or love will pass you by, because in the twinkle of an eye the void in your heart that you didn’t know existed, will choke you with pain as you yearn for the love that you watched pass you by.

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