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I totally find dating and getting the right kind of mate quite interesting. I am just too proud to ask a guy out because as girls we have all been taught that a man should make the moves. He should ask you out, ask you to dance and ask you to for you hand in marriage. If the reverse happens most probably will raise an eyebrow of like, “what just happened, is it normal?” So guys brush up on your tips on asking the girls out. Nowadays there are girls who are bold and who will ask you out but for most of us we are old fashioned. So how do you build a relationship starting by asking her out.

Nobody likes rejection but you have to be willing to take risks. Asking someone out is nerve wrecking. It takes me aback to when I first watched the movie ‘Hitch ‘starring Will Smith. It is the story of a doctor who helps his clients to stand out from the crowd in order to get into a successful relationship. In the first date, he advises someone that, a woman wouldn’t want to wake up and not be swept off their feet. It is a movie worth watching. Ok, in other words, most single people are looking for romance and a happy relationship, which when asked out at the right time under the right circumstance should work out.

asking a girl out

People usually forget this simple fact and guys end up worrying about how they will ask the girl out on the first date.

The first thing you want to find out is whether the lady you want to ask out is seeing somebody else. There is no point in asking a lady out if she is already taken. Avoid leading anyone on, if you know they can’t lose their current relationship because of you.

You also want to mentally prepare yourself for rejection as not all game plans will work out perfectly. Asking somebody out is a risk, so be bold and confident and ask. Faint heart never won a lady.
Find out what she loves and likes. This will help you know whether you should take her out for a movie, to a restaurant or to a music event to win her over.

Decide how you will ask her out, whether you will opt for a phone text message or tell her in person. It is very impersonal to ask her out on text, you should ask her out personally face to face which in my opinion is preferable because it will show you are confident and you know what you want.
If you have just met the person in a bus, matatu or a club, find a way to be a gentleman. Make an eye contact or smile to her to show that you interested in her. Once you have won her attention, approach her and introduce yourself. Strike up a conversation that is casual in nature. Try to gauge if she is interested in you.

Then ask her out. Start by letting her know that you would want to see her again and arrange for a coffee meeting or lunch. Avoid taking her to some secluded place like your home as it will look like you are only looking for sex. Avoid a movie date or a noisy place for a first date if you can as this will not give you an opportunity to know her better.

If she says yes, you are lucky. If she says no, be diplomatic and say polite words like, “it was a pleasure meeting you”

Asking somebody you like out can be nerve racking but you will have to do it if you want to get the girl. Simply be confident, be a gentleman and you could be on your way to winning. You should read how to dress to impress for your first date.

Wikihow has a detailed post on how to ask a girl out with pictures for details on everything you need to be conscious about when taking that big step. You should check it out.

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