Magnum Cream Liqueur cocktails you should try



You may or may not have heard of Magnum which is a cream liqueur which has been in the Kenyan market for the last year. For those who have a sweet tooth and like to drink delicious, creamy alcoholic drinks like Bailey’s or Molly’s you need to try out Magnum if you haven’t.

Magnum Cream Liqueur is made out of a blend of the finest vatted Highland scotch malt and Dutch cream. It is a smooth, delicious cream liqueur with hints of caramel, chocolate, and rich toffee. It has an alcoholic content of 17%.

Try out these 2 cocktails and see if you like them.

Magnum White Russian

  • 2 tots of Magnum
  • 1 tot of Cruz Vintage Black Vodka
  • ½ tot of coffee liqueur
  • 2 tots milk
  • Shake together and serve over ice


  • 2 tots Magnum
  • 1 tot caramel
  • 2 tablespoons Vanilla ice cream
  • Blend the mixture slowly and pour into a glass.
  • Garnish with chocolate.

If it’s a hot day why not try 2 scopes of vanilla and pour 2 tots of Magnum on top for a delicious dessert.

Always drink responsibly.

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