The music tingles my mind and rejuvenates my soul! #JazzDay


jazz 8

Happy International Jazz day to all Jazz lovers around the world.

The title above is from a poem called tribute to Jazz music by RAJ NANDY.

I had intended to do a post on African Jazz musicians that one should watch out for but run out of time. Will have to do so later. But check out this YouTube video below of the Top 10 Influential Jazz Musicians. You may or may not agree with it as everybody has their own lists which have some similarities and some differences. Like 15 Most Influential Jazz Artists –  or this one The 10 best jazz musicians.

We may not agree on who is the best of the best and that’s OK. There is enough Jazz to go around and everybody has their favourites. Since its Jazz day make a point of playing some jazz today. Listen. Dance. Tell a friend. Share the music. Because Jazz music is too beautiful to be listened to alone.

If you are looking for some of the best-selling Jazz music of all time check out this list top 25 Jazz albums of all time. Somebody should come up with an African list of best-selling African Jazz albums.

Speaking of which there is going to be some great jazz tomorrow for all you Jazz lovers At The Elephant. There will be a concert by Aaron Rimbui, Eric Wainaina and Ricky na Marafiki to celebrate #JazzDay.


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