Mr. Politician – E. Alubaka Asher



My right hand on the Bible,
My left hand lifted,
As I swear on the Lords name
But in lies I am gifted.
The promises I won’t keep
Is for them to hear,
And for me to reap
Because I am corrupt.
They look to me for leadership
Because their lives in me they’ve trusted.
What a shame,
Because to me they are nothing but subjects.
They hate and kill,
As I extort to keep my power,
While they think is for their interest I am leading.
I am drunk with power,
As they languish in poverty,
And are blinded by loyalty.
They will never learn from their mistakes,
For they will vote me in again
And look to me for leadership.
With my right hand on the Bible
And my left hand lifted,
As I swear on the Lords name
but in lies I am gifted.

By E. Alubaka Asher

It’s time we open our eyes because we always complain about our leadership and we are the ones who put them there. Change starts with me and you.

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