Tips for buying a new car!

New Ford Focus
Ford Mustang
Ford Mustang

Money isn’t everything but it sure does help when you want to buy a car. The first question you need to ask yourself before shopping for a new car is: “What can I afford to drive?” Your answer to this need to take into account more than just the purchase prices. According to Ford Motor Company, It is not only the price of the car itself, but the cost of ownership that impacts affordability. It is best to look at the whole package including the costs of financing, maintaining, repairing and insuring your car – along with incidental expenses such as parking and registration fee.

Choosing your Ride
According to Ford Motor Company buying a car is like a relationship and requires commitment. It is for these reasons that one needs to choose a model they can live with. The following tips can help you with this decision.

1. Deciding what type of car you want – There are different kinds of vehicles in the market. Your choice could be a sedan, hatchback, pickup, sports car or SUV. There is no right or wrong choice of car. The type of vehicle you select is dependent entirely on your individual needs and budget.

2. Getting a new or used car – we all dream of buying a new set of wheels but if you can’t afford it, invest in a low mileage used car. But make sure you buy a car with a full service history (A service history is a record of all the mechanical work that has been done to the car). And only buy from a reputable organization.

3. Evaluate the value adds – all cars come with extra bits and pieces that include value-adds such as service plans and warranties. A warranty generally covers all the major mechanical items on cars – ideally, you want a warranty that is available for as many years and kilometres as possible. The same can be said of a service or maintenance plan.

4. Do research on your potential car – word of mouth and the internet are a wonderful source of information. If the car you are looking at is unreliable, you will find loads of motorists complaining about it on consumer sites.

New Ford Focus
New Ford Focus

5. Consider colour – colour is important due to resale values. Cars with popular colours may be easier to sell and boost better resale value. When deciding on colour, also bear in mind that certain colours are more popular in certain markets than others.

6. Fuel consumption – you need to investigate the facts and figures on fuel. It costs an arm and a leg to fill a fuel tank – so you need to find out how economical is the car you want. A sports car may accelerate faster than a rocket, but remember that it may gulp down fuel faster. Similarly, a vehicle such as a large saloon or SUV will typically be thirstier than a smaller hatchback or sedan. This is because bigger cars a generally heavier, so while they offer sensational versatility and practicality, there is a price to pay at the fuel pump. There may also be a price to pay in terms of CO2 emission.

7. Safety features are important – know what safety features are important and ensure that your new car has these features before you make your purchase.

8. Pick a brand – deal with a company with a proud heritage, one that has been around for a while and has an excellent reputation for delivering quality products. You’re making a substantial investment, so deal with a company that is ethical.

9. Test drive your car – once you have decided on a short list of vehicles, you need to take each one for a test drive. When doing this, always ask yourself: “would you be comfortable and happy in this vehicle each and every day for the next few years?” It is a good idea to test drive the car on roads that you will typically drive on once you purchase a vehicle.

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