Win a Safaricom Neon Smart Tab for Mothers Day.


It’s mother’s day on Sunday and I have been celebrating mothers on my blog with wine and black forest cake. Congratulations to the winners. Safaricom have kindly offered a Neon Tab for one lucky winner. Find the specs here.

All you have to do is tell me what makes your mum so special. It could be a story or a statement. Write a comment below. I will announce the winner on Sunday by 10 am.



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  1. The simple way to say it is my mum made me who I am. They simpler way is to say I am because she is. From her tough love to get me to read, to her tough lessons on love and honesty. She molded me and even when it came to the time to be my own man, I barely changed anything but just tweaked some to accommodate my personality. I am a strong human being because she showed me how to be one. I am human in all my endeavours because she taught me how to be just that with no grey areas. I am a writer because she not only handed me the pen but also gave room for my inspiration to roam free. I ❤ her to death and back again.

  2. I shall always be grateful to God for the awesome mother she gave me. I shall obviously never repay her for allthe things she has done for me in one lifetime

    She has this wisdom that is now a dying breed among our women. What I have learnt from her actions, I would never have learnt from anyone else.

    I remember something that happened when I was about 6 or 7. A certain woman whom I had never seen camehome at night and asked for a few spoonfuls of sugar so she can cook strong tea for her kids. My mother sid not have money at the time, so she went to the shop we used to buy stuff. She had a good rapport with the shopkeeper. Asked the woman to take whatever she needed. My mother would pay for it later. That’s one of the things I shall not forget about her.

    Most awesome mother in the world? Absolutely.

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