Safaricom launches #TheBigBox – Home broadband and TV


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Safaricom yesterday launched the ‘TheBigBox’ a hybrid data solution that offers both data connection and TV content for the house. TheDVB-2 device leverages on Safaricom’s extensive 3G and growing 4G data network allowing customers to access content via a unique set top box offering.

TheBigBox offers subscribers access to several TV channels in High Definition (HD) format, allows subscribers to watch content on demand through online video services such as YouTube. TheBigBox takes advantage of Safaricom’s growing 4G network.

The device also serves as a Wi-Fi hot spot for up to ten users. It supports data heavy applications and is a great product for customers looking for an integrated home entertainment solution.

There are 2 payment plans. For the first one customers will pay an initial Ksh. 4,999 and then pay 6 monthly installments of Ksh. 999. The other option is a one off free of Ksh. 9,999 fee. The package includes access to free to air TV stations, free 6GB for a month for six months as well as free YouTube viewing for 3 months.

Subscribers can also opt to buy bundles of up to 50GB for just Sh4, 000. Customers can top up their data by buying monthly bundles using airtime or Mpesa using predefined USSD and WAP interfaces. The BigBox will be available at all Safaricom shops across the country.

Bob Collymore, CEO of Safaricom says TheBigBox offers a differentiated broadband internet solution allows subscribers to harness the power of the internet to watch new and exciting content in the comfort of their home. Safaricom has continued to invest in building a robust data network which can provide data heavy services. The BigBox is inspired by Safaricom’s focus to provide access to internet to all segments of society.

The target for the box is the untapped home broadband market as well as an estimated 2.4 million households out of 3.2 households that are not using any of the set top boxes available in the market to be part of the digital migration.

Safaricom hopes to target untapped demand in the home broadband market as well as reach the estimated 2.4 Million households out of the 3.2 million households that have access to digital television sets but are not using any of the set top boxes currently available in the market.

Find out more about the BigBox here.

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