2nd Imax Cinema – Anga Sky opens at Panari Hotel



It was an evening full of pomp and colour, at a cordial cocktail party befitting a Hollywood red carpet event, as IMAX Kenya officially launched Anga Sky Cinema. IMAX teamed up with Shark energy drink, Bacardi and Diamond Vodka, to bring you Anga Sky, which becomes the second IMAX cinema in the country and the greater East and Central Africa.

Opening the festivities was Naomi, who welcomed the guests and invited Ray Thakoor, CEO of Shark Energy drink, who made a few remarks, crediting that it was a humbling experience to be part of the event and cited many more great things are bound to come when they partner with IMAX Kenya.

With Kenya’s growing appetite for cinema and 3D movie experience, the IMAX company franchise in Kenya promised to expand their entertainment dreams even further by setting up other cinema auditoriums in other towns and cities.

The launch of Anga Sky Cinema, offered a glimpse of what viewers can expect to watch the latest block buster movies. Movie lovers and IMAX loyalists will enjoy and array of great entertainment services. The place has two theaters each with a holding capacity of 200 hundred people. A comfortable lounge and place for getting popcorn and soft drinks at reasonable prices. Ample security and parking is also a guarantee.

Those who turned up were treated to an open bar and platters floating around with miniaturized meals, which was complimented with a live music performances by Frank and the Band.

Once we ate and mingled, we were ushered into the theater hall, where we were handed 3D glasses and popcorn. I give credit to the light and comfortable glasses availed at the launch as compared to the convectional 3D glasses provided at 20th Century IMAX theater, which are usually bulky and big.

Once inside the cinema hall, you won’t stop being mesmerized by the screen at Anga Sky, which is 17 by 9 metres. There is also a VIP setting area within the auditorium for people who want luxury as they enjoy the state of the art movie experience.

The sound is also very good. This because IMAX has invested when it comes to sound quality. There are 40-50 speakers with 12000 watts of ear pounding sound; their brilliance comes in when they strategically place all those speakers all around the auditorium to create a 3 dimensional effect which makes the movie watching experience come alive.

For the launch of the new Mombasa Rd christened baby, Anga Sky Cinema, we were all treated to the premier of the highly anticipated Australian post-apocalyptic action film Mad Max Fury Road.

It was definitely a fun night experiencing the new Anga Sky Cinema. If you live along Mombasa Road then you should make the Anga Sky Cinema your stop for 3D movies with great quality sound.

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