Why vinyl records are making a comeback


vinyl records Many who have grown up in the digital age may not understand the preciousness of vinyl records. For them the only place one many have seen some is with DJs. But for children who grew up in the 70s and 80 these were common, although they eventually started disappearing as more people got radios with cassette players. It seems that vinyl is coming back with a bang (its not only fashion that has a tendency to repeat itself). so what are the reasons why vinyl is coming back.

The reasons include

Ownership. Unlike an iTunes download, with records one legally owns the music, also it enables people to physically show off their identity through their music choices.

Nostalgia. For Nature listeners and retromaniacs, its a way to indulge in the past. some classics will never go out of fashion.

Interaction. From pulling the disc out of its sleeve, then flipping the record halfway through, vinyl add ritual and physicality to the music.

Sound. Analogue playback can add favourable distortions to the sound, what some describe as “musical warmth.”

Posers. According to one survey 15% of the people who buy physical formats (CDs, Vinyl records and cassettes) never listen to them, buying them purely just to own.

There is a vinyl lovers get together in Nairobi every first Sunday of the month at Soiree Garden from 12 noon until the music stops. You can also follow the hashtag #welovevinyl. Also as my friend Morris reminded me there’s a stall at Kenyatta Market that sells vinyl records and players.

Here is an infographic on how vinyl records made their comeback.

 How vinyl records made their comeback

How vinyl records made their comeback [Infographic] by the team at Liberty Games

Infographic courtesy of http://www.libertygames.co.uk/blog/how-vinyl-records-made-their-comeback/

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