Is it all about the panties?


Recently I read a very interesting, slightly amusing article done by Biko Zulu on the Granny panties or what he calls mother’s union. He stated in no uncertain terms his strong dislike for the choice of the female species to wear that over something like a thong for example. Now let me put a disclaimer here. I have never owned a thong in my life so as you can imagine it left me kind of out of my league in the comeback department so I decided to get a few views on the subject. After talking to a few people some of the responses I got were:

“Okay so about the panties I think granny panties are okay for the days you want to be comfortable but when you are wearing tights or trying to impress your man a thong.”

“I’ve never had one and don’t think I ever will, I mean why has there got to be a string between my butt when he looks at it?”

“Lol I have quite a few thongs and I don’t think there is anything wrong with them, I think it’s just a matter of personal preference.”

“I was actually talking to a cool relative about it and she told me for her they are kind of uncomfortable but she only wears them for special occasions and encounters.”

“I think one of the reasons most people think thongs are uncomfortable is because they get the wrong type. If you are going to get one, get cotton lace which is much more comfortable than the scratchy lace type.”

Okay so obviously these are just a few opinions and definitely not the view of the whole world, but I did do some research and was delightedly surprised at what I found. The underwear community which I didn’t even think existed before looking up what I was going to write on this post, actually has more granny panty followers than I would have expected!

granny panties

Okay for one can we stop calling them granny panties, I just feel like it is so degrading, so let’s call them by their name which is retro high waist panties. That is a lot more on point yes? Great, so basically the history of the underwear and I think every other bodily clothing in the universe is that the more time passes the more skin shows and the tighter, smaller, and tinier it gets.

When it comes to women’s underwear the same goes as well, for originally panties were designed to cover the whole female torso. Have you ever watched one of those movies where they reenact the eighteen or nineteen hundreds? Can you recall a scene where a female is dressing up and wears this huge, baggy, white, stretchy underwear under her corset? That was actually a thing!

Life of course did not last in that phase and soon progressed to what we now have today as a variety of different options like the thong, g-string, tanga, hipster, bikini, boy shorts, and the retro high waist panties aka briefs aka granny panties. These are not considered hot or sexy by a majority of people making me feel like I was in the minority which is why I was delighted to see that a lot of accomplished ladies who are hot in their own right would chose to wear a retro high waist panty any day. Let me give you a few reasons why I support granny panties.

1. They are comfortable! Now this is probably inappropriate but I don’t think any guy should complain about us wanting to be comfortable and fully supported because duh last time I checked we never asked you to squeeze your junk into a tight fitting, crotch riding, piece of string that would hold it up and tie it together. In fact with boxers, guys literally have all the breathing space in the world and still complain it is not enough. So my two cents would be let us take care of our trunk and we’ll let you take care of your junk.

2. They can still be shmexy! Okay I know some people think they are ugly as hell but the truth is it’s about finding the right type. Don’t get a size too big; make sure they are the right fit. Look for patterns and designs that make you happy. One of the benefits of these panties is that they literally come in a variety of colors and shapes that could make you smile giving you some added confidence in who you are, which is totally more shmexy. Truth be told even designers have started to realize the major following they have and have begun to make gorgeous retro high waist panty lines that you would probably be able to find in any lingerie shop near you.


3. They are better health wise. Ladies are actually more likely to yeast or bacterial infections if they never get space to breathe down there. If you are always in a thong which gives you a *this is just how I see it my head* consistent riding up/wedgie then that can actually be dangerous and it is actually recommended that if you have to wear a thong during the day then you should go commando at night just to give v lady a little breathing space.

For me those are just the top three reasons I would chose my retro high waist undies over a thong any day. Though let me just say it is definitely a matter of personal preference and if you can hack the thong, in fact if you love it and can’t do without it kudos to you! I actually admire those women who have been given the grace for it but to those who feel like the granny panty club are the underdogs don’t give up you are not alone. Do not let society determine what kind of underwear or clothes  are acceptable for you to put on. . When it comes right down to it, it is your body, your decision.

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