11 things to do before you hit 40


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It is said turning 40 is a crown of glory and it is a major milestone. As we know time waits for no man. Time runs fast, it is the only things that can’t be reversed. We all have this to do list or commonly known as a bucket list of activities we would wish to accomplish before a certain age hits. As human beings we always find a way to procrastinate and sometimes end up not accomplishing the goals we have set for ourselves. Maybe its time to get things done, so that you will have no regrets when you reach 40. The 20’s and 30’s are the two most important decades of your life. So what to do before 40?

1. Save up for major projects.

By this time you should have settled down into your career and should be a pro at managing your finances. You probably have goals of the things you want to do, like buy a house, save for your pension, or saving for your children’s University education. Remember the way our parents used to tell us money doesn’t go on trees. It’s true; money wouldn’t magically appear when you need it. You need to start saving for your big projects. If you are not good with managing money then you can consult a financial advisor or talk to somebody you know who is good at managing money.

2. Take a trip.

You may be single or have a young family at this time. So take a new trip around the world alone and with your family. Your kids will learn new cultures and understand how we all co-exist in this world full of diversity.

3. Start to write a memoir.

In your thirties you have probably seen or experienced while a lot. Start writing down the memories you would like to remember about your life, triumphs, disappointments etc. as you get older some important things you have done could get forgotten so it’s important to keep notes so that if you ever want to do a book you have the events written down clearly. Even if you aren’t a writer, just start with scribbling 500 words worth of inspirational content and with time you will have a book that you can share with your children or even the world.

4. Inculcate a spirit of giving.

Unlike your 20’s, hopefully by this time you should be financially stable. It’s good to now give back to people who have helped you grow. You can also start giving to charity or find a community project. It doesn’t have to be money; it can also be in terms of time. You could work with benevolence in your church or join a service organisation like Rotary.

5. Make amends.

Make amends with people with people you have wronged or those who have wronged you. If you have friends, family or colleagues with whom you have had differences try to sit down and sort out your differences. Bitterness can stop you from enjoying your life.

6. Get to your dream career.

You are no longer in your twenties where you can try take risks with a job. Get on and show yourself worth, apply for a promotion in your office, switch jobs to one you are passionate with. But it is never too late to do something you love, if your career isn’t making you happy it could be time to move. If you are daring enough, you should start a business of your own.

7. Sponsor a child.

There are so many children who come from disadvantaged backgrounds. You can sponsor a child who needs help with their education or with meals. You can either do it through your church or through a charity. Once in a while drop a donation of food, money, clothes or even time to just bless these children.

8. Face your fear.

Face your fears. Whatever it is, your fear could be holding you back. If it is public speaking, start off by doing office presentation at the office, be the first one to initiate prayers at your small community self-help group. Just go ahead and try. Take small steps to control of your fear, before it takes control of you.

9. Take up sporting activity.

The decade before you hit your prime, you should put aside some money to some fun activities. Go to the coast or even another country, and try abseiling, scuba diving, bungee diving. Also try rock climbing and snorkeling activities which are fun and involving.

10. Quit a bad habit.

You may have this bad habit that you find hard to quit like; like smoking, drinking, sneering, sex addict, porn addict and even gossiping. All these bad habits can take a toll on your health and even relationship. Thus it is wise to find ways in which you can stop those bad habits. If it is an alcohol addiction, join an A.A group, and if it is others go for counseling and find what is really ailing from within.

11. Participate in a marathon.

In Kenya, we are known to be a country of great athletes. Thus if you want to be counted among the legends though as an amateur, join such marathons, which most of the time are for charity, like the Safaricom Lewa Marathon, Mater Heart run, Save a Mum Chase Foundation run, and StanChart Marathon, and Beyond Zero Campaign . The advantage is that, by participation in such marathons, you will keep healthy by preparing for the marathons and also contribute to charity.

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