Catch Oliver Mtukudzi at this Sunday’s Koroga Festival


This weekend all roads lead to the Koroga Festival at the Arboretum on the 7th of June. There is a great treat in store for you as the great Oliver Mtukudzi from Zimbabwe will be performing. Oliver Mtukudzi has been performing for more then 40 years and he began performing in 1977. He has released 56 albums so far which is no small feat and his latest album “Mukombe Wemvura” was released in 2014. Mtukudzi will be performing with his band The Black Spirits.

Oliver Mtukudzi “Mutserendende

Other bands who will be performing are one of my favourite bands Just A Band and Winyo.
Koroga festival is a bi-monthly event which is held at Nairobi Arboretum. For those who have not attended this festival you have been missing out. It is a great opportunity to hear and dance to some great music, socialize, and also take some great pictures. It is definitely a great plan for your Sunday afternoon.

Just a band – probably for lovers

Winyo – Gikalo

The festival will start at 12 and end at 6 pm.

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