How To Order, Make, And Drink A Martini


Drinking classic martini’s in Kenya may not be very popular at the moment but if you have always wanted to be James Bond and ask for a martini “shaken, not stirred” then this is the time to know more about martinis. Who knows you could be the one who makes martinis popular again. Or if you are one of those people who actually love martini’s then it doesn’t hurt to get some information on how to make them.

There are different types of martini’s to be made, and there are different types of liquor that can be used, which means that the taste can vary from martini to martini. So it’s important to know how you would like it to be mixed, served and garnished.

If you would like to experiment you can also try making these recipes on your own so that you know what you like. You could also end up as the favourite bartender at the next party. So learn now to make martini’s and impress your friends and family.


Featured image – French Martini.

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