Why you should attend the CBA Concours D’Elegance this year

Shiloh Fausnight - Yamaha Vstar 1100CC
cream car
This 1957 Mercedes 190 SL Roadstar is being restored by DT Dobie’s Mechanical Engineering 3rd Year Apprentices. It is a beautiful car.

Last year this beautiful car caught my eye. With its creamy exterior and its red interior it was one beautiful machine. And people flocked to see this car and take pictures. Of course I wasn’t going to be left behind. Imagine my surprise when we went for a press briefing and I saw this car in the parking lot. Apparently it is being restored by the DT Dobie Mechanical interns in their 3rd year. It didn’t win last year but they are hoping to win this year. Well I will be cheering them on.

Last year the Concours d’elegance was so so awesome. I personally had so much fun with my family at the Concours. There was so much to see and do. We checked out the cars and hot bikes, had some great food and there were also some great fun activities for my nephew at the children’s corner. Check out the post  A beautiful day to check out some cars and bikes #CBAconcours. The bikes were also beautiful and I took some pictures of the magnificent motorbikes.

The dates for this year’s CBA Africa Concours d’elegance were announced last week and it will be at the Nairobi Racecourse on the 27th of September 2015. It’s going to be an amazing event. Did you know that car and motorcycle enthusiast usually spend months preparing their machines for the event? It is not only the exterior of the machines that are examined but every little detail under the car is also checked. This year they are expecting at least 15 bikes from Uganda, as well as some new entries including a 1962 Roadster, a 1983 Porsche, and some other entries. There are also cars expected from as far as South Africa and Australia.

green car beautiful 2
Sati Gata – Aura will be showcasing this beautiful green MG. TC. 1947

For those who may not know Vintage cars are those cars that were made in Dec 1930 or before. Veteran cars are cars that were made in 1914 or before. Classic cars are cars that are 25 years or older.
This year the concours will be celebrating its 45th anniversary. The concours were started by the Alfa Romeo Owners club and for the first couple of years only featured Alfa Romeo cars before being opened up to other types of cars. The Auto expo was introduced 19 years ago by the Alfa Romeo Owners club and it provides an ideal opportunity for motor brands to showcase their new vehicles and products to the motorists.

Commercial Bank of Africa who are the title sponsor for the 4th year say that Concours gives them a golden opportunity to showcase CBA’s offerings to individuals, the motor trade and commercial and industrial organisations. They have increased the prize fund from 2 million shillings to 2.5 million shillings. It is hoped that this will encourage more young people to get involved. CBA will also be sponsoring the Concours for the next 5 years. This should prove a big boost for classic and vintage cars and motorcycles enthusiasts. It will also encourage competitors to locate and restore more cars and bikes.

This is a Norton 1958 which will be part of this year’s Concours

Another key sponsor is Total Kenya who provide the car inspection ramp which is important for inspection of the underside of the vehicles. It plays a key role in maintaining full African continental status for the CBA concours d’elegance.

The Concours are recognised by The Kenya Motorsport Federation (KMSF) and also by sanctioned by FIM AFRICA. The prizes will go to the top 3 cars, top 3 bikes, best team, highest played machine from outside Kenya and the rest spread across the different categories. There are 12 different car categories and 8 categories for motorcycles.

Shiloh Fausnight - Yamaha Vstar 1100CC
Shiloh Fausnight – Yamaha Vstar 1100CC


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