Energy Saving Tips For Your House


energy savingThe reduction of electricity connection to houses was welcomed by all. The cost of electricity connection which was reduced by 57 percent from Kshs 34,000 to Kshs 15,000 is aimed at increasing electricity connectivity to houses by 70 percent come 2017.

The initiative by the government was applauded by many Kenyans as more people are seeking to connect their houses with electricity.

Lamudi Kenya Managing Director Dan Karua says: “As good as the news sounds, it is important to know on how to save on the energy to cut on the electricity costs further. Electricity can be expensive and finding ways to save it the energy is very important.”

Lamudi Kenya looks at the energy saving tips for your household.

Turning off electric appliances when not in use

Whilst this is now a cliché, switching off all electric appliances that are not use is still very important. From the high energy consumption electric appliances such as iron boxes, water heaters, electric cookers to the low energy consumption appliances such as phone chargers, toasters and the likes. You should switch off appliances that are not in use. It is not worth to pay for electricity that you have used as most of these house appliances consume a lot of energy.

Stand your refrigerator away from the wall

The refrigerator should stand couple of inches away from the wall to enhance the efficiency of the freezer. When the refrigerator stands close to the wall or to other appliances, the freezer will take long to cool hence using more energy. You should also clean up underneath the refrigerator to avoid dust building up which will stick to the coils causing it to dampen due to the humidity therefore reducing its efficiency. Additionally, ensure that the food put in the refrigerator is cool.


Ensure that you are using LED or fluorescent bulbs whose energy consumption is low thus saving up to almost 80 percent on energy consumption and not the incandescent bulbs which consume more power. You should also make sure that you have natural lighting into your house that you will not have to switch on the bulbs during the day. Using solar energy for your driveways and outdoors will also help in reducing the cost of electricity for your house.

Article courtesy of Lamudi Kenya.

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