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When I was growing up Sunday was my favourite day because I got to read the Sunday Daily Nation. It was a fun filled paper; I loved the comic’s page, and the Young Nation. It was the highlight of my week. Of course as I grew older the other parts of the Daily Newspaper also started interesting me. The crossword puzzles, the political analysis and the business stories made me read the paper.

So it is only natural that by the time I was in campus I would have graduated to reading more serious stories as well. That’s when I started reading the East African. Of course I did not manage to read it every week because sometimes getting a copy was not easy, I mostly read it in our University library because my Mum only bought the Daily Nation. I was a student of course and I wasn’t going to be spending money on buying the newspaper with my pocket money. It was not always possible to get to read the paper because many times I would find other people reading it. So sometimes I just had to be content with reading the Daily Nation.

Fast forward to some 10 or so years later. I still read the papers but I don’t read the physical paper most of the time. I am always online and get to read the news on the internet. Of course there is usually breaking news on twitter but for in depth analysis of business stories. That’s why I still have to read The EastAfrican. What I like about The EastAfrican is that it has stories on business, policy development and politics.

The EastAfrican is celebrating its 20 year anniversary. To celebrate Nation Media Group has launched an app for The EastAfrican which is meant to offer readers convenience, friendly packages, and notifications every week when the paper is available. The EastAfrican has had some great stories over the years, I wrote a post about it, check out EastAfrica celebrates 20 great years of regional reporting. I am excited about the app because it will be very easy to get news directly to my mobile phone.

The EastAfrican is giving you a chance to try it out for free for 2 weeks. After that you will be required to purchase the subscription package.

When you download the app now you will be able to get the current issue and 6 other recent issue. One thing I noticed when I tried using the app is that you cannot read the e-paper within the app. The e-paper actually has to be downloaded and stored in your downloads. This is an advantage for you if you want to download the paper when you are somewhere where there is internet like Wi-Fi or you want to be able to read offline. But it is a disadvantage if you are used to reading the paper within the app because it takes quite a bit of time to download the paper. I am hoping that this is something they will fix going forward.

It is pretty easy to install the app. All you have to do is go to the playstore app and download The EastAfrican app. It is currently available on Android and IOS but not yet on Windows platforms. The link is here. Once the app is downloaded you fill in the details below.

EastAfrican screenshot

You will be able to get notifications every Monday when a fresh paper is loaded. Below is the amount you will be paying per month if you use the app.

Monthly                   4  USD
Three Months      15 USD
Six Months            28 USD
One Year                50 USD

the-eastafrican-app 2

Here are various payment options and you can pay via credit cards, debit cards, M-pesa paybill, and cash. If you are paying by cash, you can go to the Nation Media offices, pay in cash, and then have the app activated for you.

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