Watch New Kenyan Sitcom One In A Million On MNET


one in a million

There is a new sitcom called One in a Million which will be showing on Maisha Magic. The sitcom premiered on Maisha Magic yesterday at 8 pm. The new TV series revolves around the Bolos, a humble family of four consisting of Jacinta (Virginia Mando), Gidraff (Jim Were) and their two kids Riqo (Brian Ngaira) and Kabi (Valentine Kariuki). They get lucky and hit the jackpot. They move from their old neigbourhood to a new four bed-roomed apartment in the suburbs. They however lose their furniture because of Mr. Bolo’s unpaid debts and are met by the unwelcoming care-taker/owner.

The show was written by Yafesi Musoke, a master at creating rib cracking – memorable characters like Ben of Briefcase Inc. The producers of the show, Joyce Musoke of Cheese Pictures and Ken Oloo of Zindua said that they are exploring their niche in producing comedies. They have produced another TV show, Briefcase Inc that was successful before creating One In A million.

Mr. Chris Foot, Chairman of the Kenya Film Commission was present at the launch yesterday and congratulated the team. He said that the Government was in the process of signing an MOU with Communications Authority of Kenya to make broadcasters run between 40% – 60% of local content. This will create jobs in the industry.

Ken Oloo founder of Filamujuani and Zindua said that MNET has created opportunities and jobs for many people. The One in a Million show is unique in that it has a unique production crew who are mostly from disadvantaged backgrounds. Filamujuani Foundation helps these youth break into careers in film and television.

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