Caitlyn Jenner: She might be celebrating but decision leaves many questions



So I’ve just come from watching the ending of the two part of the Kardashian family interview that was done in the beginning of the year when Bruce Jenner announced to the world about the physical transformation he was about to undertake. During the interview there’s one part that got me the most, which was his talk with Kris Jenner. I mean put yourself in her shoes, in this scenario…

You are a single mom, raising three daughters and one son by yourself and your ex-husband dies. You turn to one of his closest friends who offers you support and comfort. You don’t mean to but slowly you start falling in love with this man. You love him for everything that he is, his smile, his protection, the way he makes you laugh, and so much more. He falls in love with you too and it looks like there is hope for your happy ending after all.

Twenty five years down the line you have brought two more new lives into this world with this man, and created a thousand memories. There are cracks in your marriage, but aren’t there cracks in every marriage? You’ve gotten through so much of the bad together that you always have faith the good will come through in the end… but this time it doesn’t.

Your marriage falls to pieces and there are too many holes to sew the gap back together, and you know it’s over but you don’t fully understand why. It’s okay though, you will still be friends. There is too much love and history intertwined together to make one story that amicability is the least of what you owe each other. You sit down with the now-grown-up kids and explain the situation. They are old enough to understand divorce means things will change, but you and dad explain to them that no matter what you will keep the family together and try to keep it the same as much as possible.

But things do change a whole lot, in a way no one would ever expect. There are news stories, rumors, word of mouth, confusion. You don’t understand any of it until you finally sit down with this man who you once gave your heart.You look at him straight in the eyes.

He admits it.

It’s true.

It hurts.

Watching the interview I felt Kris Jenner’s pain as she wept in the kitchen table where she sat, pouring her heart out. She felt betrayed. Wouldn’t you? This man who was the only love in your life for twenty five years tells you he was never meant to be a man?

Was it all a lie then?

Did he actually love her?

Those thoughts and a gazillion others must have passed through her mind when shewas staring at the individual in front of her. He of course says he has always loved her. It had never been a lie, he was just confused and there was a part of him he was keeping hidden from the world because he knew it would hurt them.

She says she forgives him, but he needs to understand that she is mourning for someone she is losing. She says, “You have to give me a minute to mourn because it feels like you are going, like Bruce Jenner is dying.”

He says, “I’m not going anywhere, things may obviously be different but I’m still right here for you baby. I love you.” He tells her, “I love you,” a bunch of times, she responds in kind. Then he promises things are going to work out fine and walks out, leaving her in a heap, dealing with her emotions. The talk may have helped but it still doesn’t make it any easier.

Beforehand there were similar scenes with the rest of the Kardashian family. Bruce sat down with each of his children and talked to them, and with quite a bit of sobbing, and hugs shared the result of each confrontation was similar. “We’ll get through this.”

It’s a few months later and the transformation is complete, Bruce Jenner has officially been introduced to the world as Caitlyn Jenner. Everyone is abuzz with the news and very strong opinions have been stated for and against the latest development in the celebrity world. It’s crazy because I feel like I can’t share my opinion on the matter without being judged for it which may be just as well because right now my opinion probably won’t affect Caitlyn Jenner either way. That is why I decided to share with you the story from one of the family member’s points of view.

The truth is my opinion is I personally don’t think it is right, one of the reasons being every action has a reaction. What you do affects other people in a massive way, and sometimes we get so caught up in the glamour of it all that we forget that, like the simple fact of Kendell and Kylie losing a father, Caitlyn losing a part of herself, and so on.

I also have to admit though that I am too far removed from the situation to give an opinion that counts enough to change anyone’s mind. One of the best posts I’ve read on it though stated that right now this is Caitlyn’s reality. It makes sense to her. I possibly couldn’t fathom it because it is so farfetched from my reality. I feel like we, as humans are all looking for something, and that just may be eternal peace that makes us completely confident in our identity yet humble in our humanity. If I had the chance to interview Caitlyn right now, out of all honest curiosity, I would ask her, “Did you find what you were looking for? Do you have a lasting sense of peace?” then I would ask her the same question ten years from now. Wouldn’t it be interesting to find out the answer….

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