Some great places to eat in Nairobi


Have you ever been stranded thinking about where to get a good meal in Nairobi? This probably hasn’t happened as our capital is filled with a wide variety of restaurants, cafes, and hot spots for a date, family outing, our just a meal to treat yourself. Here is a list of my favorite spots.


Spurs, this gorgeous restaurant has a few different locations in Nairobi and is an amazing family dinner destination. My two preferred options of location for Spurs would be at the mall, Village Market and the hotel, Mayfair Southern Sun. It is actually a household tradition that whenever there is a birthday in my family we go out for a birthday dinner at Spurs. The restaurants are furnished with Native American decoration and have an antique feel about them.

When it is your birthday, after the meal the waiters will come out with a large free ice cream for the birthday boy/girl and sing a song in your honor. If that isn’t enough there is a kid’s room in the restaurant, full of drawing books, colors, video games, and a T.V to keep children entertained at all times. The food is also definitely not something to complain about, and I would recommend the spare ribs any day to anyone who wants to try somethingnew. With the delicious secret recipe barbeque sauce they place on them, I daresay the spurs ribs are the best I’ve ever tasted in Nairobi. Though there is still a variety of other meals to choose from and most of them will not leave you disappointed. I may be biased because of the memories I have collected of the place over the years but I would rate it as a 5/5.


Village Market Food Court is actually full of great places to eat; you definitely will not be disappointed by the variety of flavors and foods to choose from. From adventurous Indian Dosas, to fancy Italian Pizza which I tried by the way and is amazing, to seafood, and African cuisine you can allow your taste buds to go wild. If you are in a mood for a drink, all kinds are offered, from a beer to a healthy smoothie. With children though, be careful to look for the non-smoking zone though, for their safety.


subway sandwiches
Subway is probably one of my favorite food joints. I think it is the perfect meal! It is healthy; with a balanced diet you get your protein from the meat, your veggies from the, well, veggies, and your carbs from the bread which you can even make whole wheat. It is un-expensive, with a range from three hundred bob to seven hundred shillings you most probably wouldn’t hurt as much paying for this as if you would at a fancy business dinner.

It is also convenient, with it’s accessibility you can find subway almost anywhere, as you are walking through town, in Westlands, or in Junction. It is yummy! Obviously the most important aspect, well to most food lovers is taste, I love the flavors brought out in a subway sandwich. Especially when it is toasted with cheese and you add on the sauces available. My biggest sauce recommendation is Chipotle sauce; it will leave you licking your lips. Subway is probably not the best place for a date though as digging through those sandwiches can be quite messy leaving you in an awkward position, drooling sauce from the corners of your mouth. Totally not pretty.

Pizza Things

Naked pizza
Naked pizza

Dominos the new Pizza place was all the rage just a few months ago, I was slightly disappointed when I tried the pizza though. To me it really wasn’t all that but that was only one flavor and I do intend to go back and try again until I get a flavor I like. Naked Pizza located in Westlands is a great choice iF you are trying to be healthy but still want to fulfill that Pizza craving. It also caters very well for vegetarians. Pizza Inn and Debonairs still have my vote though when it comes to good old fashioned non-adventurous but delicious Pizza.


cold-stoneDessert my favorite places for a sweet tooth dessert would definitely be Cold Stone. the ice cream flavors offered are positively scrumptious, and the waiters sing as they prepare your ice cream which may be charming or a bit awkward depending on your personality.

Last but definitely not least I would always recommend Java also as a classic. A great place for a meal, a cup of coffee, dessert, or a meeting. One con is on account of the fact that a lot of times they get so busy, their service may be a bit slow so patience is key but it is worth it. For any die hard chocolate lovers, their chocolate fudge cake is so rich it is to die for.

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  1. […] You may not always have the desire to go out at all and sometimes it can just be a quiet romantic dinner at home, if your still don’t feel like cooking there are ways around that. Be smart about it and look for the days where there’s a ‘buy one get one free’ offer, or ‘buy two for the price of one.’ Restaurants try to outdo each other because that the one with the best deals get the most customers. So why not benefit from their little Sparta? At Pizza Inn the deal comes on their Terrific Tuesdays, at Debonair it would be Friday, and at Steers they have a special Wednesday offer. You can also use a service like Hellofoods to order in. If you do feel like going out to get a bite check out some great places to eat in Nairobi. […]