Why make up is not what makes you pretty

Make-up, applying mascara
Make-up, applying mascara

It’s a funny story, growing up I was one of those girls who was not allowed to wear makeup as a child for some reason. In my home it didn’t even matter because my mom never used make-up as well. In fact for my face she would even tell me to use just Vaseline instead of lotion. It is a habit that has stuck with me to date.

Now in our generation, makeup is obviously the least of our problems, and a mom forbidding their child from wearing makeup is a very old fashioned thing to do. I recently saw my friend’s baby sister who is probably like thirteen in a completely different light. She was wearing her hair up, with makeup that could have passed for professionally done and she looked gorgeous. The sad thing though is at that age, make up should hardly be a priority, her appearance should hardly be a priority, girls should still be in the cooties phase but that’s not what this generation says.

From young ladies to older women we all share the common desire to hide our imperfections and become comfortable in our skin. Sometimes, though, we can end up looking for that in the wrong places.

Make up is not great for your skin

For a really long time, random people have complimented me on my skin and how soft it is. Even though, I personally can’t tell the difference between soft skin and frumpy skin I somehow have a feeling I have to thank my mother for keeping my face-care regimen, Vaseline only from a young age. I do believe that natural is most definitely always healthiest. The truth is make up products don’t add any permanent benefit to your skin, and some of them if you’re not careful will even damage your skin. Disclaimer: There is a difference between Make-up and skin care products.


No space to Breathe

Make up can be like a face mask. A beauty mask, maybe, but a facemask none-the-less. You know when you watch some make up tutorials and the amount of layers they apply seem like they are placing a whole nation on their skin? Don’t get me wrong, I love all these ultimate transformation makeovers they show on different shows, but sometimes it’s just a matter of is it really possible to maintain this every single day?

Diversion instead of Enhancement

Sometimes makeup can do the opposite of what it is meant to do, and divert attention away from the person wearing it. It’s like showing your cleavage or wearing dresses short enough to be dress tops. Sometimes we as women do these things to enhance our assets, but then those who see you end up having to dig for miles to find beyond that to the beauty underneath.

Different Person

Have you seen the before and after photos of celebrities without makeup? That awkward moment when you see your friend, who is always in makeup without it and they look completely different. If it becomes the norm, people expect it of you every single day and when you don’t wear makeup the reactions are like “what happened?” For me that just seem like a whole lot of pressure to be someone you are not each day.

Makeup is not Bad!

Now this may sound contrary to the above statements, but it is not. Make up, when done right, can add value and beauty and even increase your self-esteem. Let’s be honest what girl doesn’t want to go all out once in a while, wear a fancy dress for a dinner or wedding, and put on some makeup to have your princess moment. The problem is when it becomes a necessity in your life. The fact of life is too much of anything is bad. I honestly look up to make-up artists and those who can highlight your face with make-up in ways that look fabulous, because I know if I tried you will end up with a clown face. I just want women to understand your beauty is deeper than the makeup, and if you are always covered with it how can you ever go deep enough to realize that?

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