18 Wardrobe Essentials For Women


There is that moment. That moment that is the defining moment in every woman’s life. The only defining moment that happens repeatedly over the course of her life, when a woman looks into her wardrobe filled with utter despair! And the question on her lips, “What am I going to wear?”

Yes we have all experienced it about a million times. Whether it is about trying to impress a guy, getting ready for an event, or even just an outing with girlfriends, the task of finding something that’s just right to put on can be a daunting task that may be overwhelming. Sometimes though, our wardrobe is full of clutter we don’t know what we need and what we don’t. For future reference the following is a list of some of the essentials, which might help.

1. A perfect white T-shirt
Classy, simple, and can be paired with anything, this tee would be a great piece to have in your wardrobe. You can literally go wild and accessorize with anything you want to against the white background, or leave it simple and pair it with jeans.

2. Fitted Jeans
We all love our comfortable sweats, and baggy jeans but they are covering up what was created to be admired. A pair of skinny jeans or fitted, denim, flare jeans are perfect in enhancing any girl’s figure, and showing off her curves.

3. Black Top
Essential! I cannot stress how important it is. Whether it is a black tank top you can wear under an open jacket, a black turtleneck that keeps you or a black t-shirt to pair with denim, black is essential. We can even coin the term Black is Beauty for this case. Like the simple white T-shirt, you can pair a black top with almost anything else, plus as an added benefit black is a very slimming color. So a figure hugging black top would a perfect addition to your wardrobe if it isn’t already there. In fact keep more than one option, just to be safe.

4. White Button Down
In the professional world, a T-shirt and Jeans will not work, but a fitted button down blouse can work beautifully as it is much easier to tuck in, yet still manages to look neat when it is left out.

5. Pencil Skirt
These should actually be more than one in your wardrobe. As it is moving out of office hours only, and would work beautifully with a silk camisole and a light jacket.

6. Bright Cross-Body Bag
For all those times when a tote bag is too big and a clutch is too small, the cross-body bag is just right. In an attention-grabbing color, the portable handbag packs a (stylish) punch.

7. Leather Jacket
The leather jacket may have originally been a male trend but women are quickly taking over the scene. So why not go ahead and splurge for this outerwear essential. The investment will be well worth it. For one, it gives your wardrobe a gorgeous youthful edge, two you can wear it year round, and it’s a fact that leather jackets only get better with age.

8. LBD – The little Black Dress
The Little Black Dress has been famous as a one must-have in the back of every woman’s closet. It is the emergency dress, in case you have no other dress to wear for an event; better yet it never goes out of style, and can always look different with different accessories added on to it making it hard to recognize as worn before. What more can I say? It should be there.

9. Black Pumps
When it comes to ladies who love their heels, black pumps are perhaps the most reliable and versatile option. At once sophisticated and sexy, they’re perfectly suited for almost any outfit and occasion.

10. Flats
Perfect for ladies who can’t hack the heels, flats are convenient, pretty, and reliable or nearly any event. If you could only pick one pair, Nude flats would be the way to go. When you need a break from your heels, a nude flat serves as the ideal substitute. Straddling the line between dressy and casual, this functional footwear style is just at home with a pair of tailored trousers as it is a floral sundress.

11. Boots
As we make our way and head into the cold season boots are definitely a classy way to keep your toes curled in warmth. Whether it be knee-high leather boots or the suede ankle boots, right now either one is a must-have option. With countless versions available, finding a heel height, cut, and color that suits your style is easy.

12. Black/Grey/Navy Blue Suits
When it comes to professionalism, it helps to be dressed the part, and you only get to make one first impression. What would be the harm in making it an impression of a savvy, confident, focus oriented business woman? It shows off that you shall not be intimidated by anyone.

13. Silk blouse
A jewel tone accentuates the luxuriousness of the fabric.

14. Gray trousers
Charcoal pants look dressier than heather gray.

jessica suits 2
Image from http://suits.wikia.com/wiki/File:Characters_Suits_Season_2_Cast_Jessica_Pearson_02.png

15. Fitted jacket
Leave enough breathing room for a sweater or a camisole.

16. Camisole
Go for an unembellished style and leave the lace trim for your lingerie.

17. Cardigan
When it comes to cardigans, a neutral shade offers the most versatility; a longer style that hits at the hip is the most attractive cut.

18. Lingerie
It is essential to get inner ware that fits and holds everything perfectly. There is probably nothing in this world that can describe the feeling of an uncomfortable bra. It throws your whole outfit off balance. When it comes to what you are wearing on the inside comfort should be the top priority. Because if you get something you are comfortable in, it will be something you are confident in, which in turn is essential to your bringing out your instilled beauty.

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