How To Use Periscope For Fashionistas


Periscope for fashionistas

Periscope brings a new way of sharing experiences live online, from attending a party, sharing a special moment with your family or attending a high fashion event, allowing others to experience an event through your eyes.

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Periscope allows users both on iOS and Android to live stream videos from their mobile phones. Live streaming videos to your followers allows for connection with your audience. For fashion lovers, Periscope allows individuals to share their passions in a whole new way, whether it’s streaming the latest Marc Jacobs fashion show live to sharing their shopping experiences with their friends and the world or even sharing the top outfit of the day.

The instant responses on the live-stream from followers can let you know for instance if you should get that new pair of shoes or change your wardrobe choice based on the hearts you get for each stream. Hearts indicate approval and comments shared by those viewing your stream. While attending a fashion event, you can also live stream sections of the event and share your perspective with a circle of friends/ audience that were not able to attend the event.

How do I start my stream?
Download periscope app from the Google Play store or the iOS App store. Once you have it on your phone, tap the shoot icon, enter the title of what you’re going to stream and you are all set to start your video. One can also press the Twitter icon to promote the stream via your account.

Now you are ready to join in on the fun of live-streaming events and sharing your world view. In terms of fashion the possibilities are endless from what you are wearing to the top fashion events you are attending just to mention a few. Share your exciting experiences and fashion tips with the world live and get instant responses using Periscope and promoting your video on Twitter!

Below are some great Twitter accounts to follow for updates on what’s happening on the fashion scene in Kenya.

@NFMKenya: Nairobi Fashion Market is an event that brings together jewelry and clothing designers and of course shoppers in one place.

@AnnMcCreath: Ann McCreath is the Managing Director of Kiko Romeo and the founder of FAFA/Fashion for Peace events that are regularly held in Kenya to create awareness on the needs of diverse underprivileged communities in East Africa.

@KenyanStylista: Franklin Saiyalel is one of Kenya’s leading male fashion bloggers and participates in different fashion events in Nairobi.

@ThisisEss is famous for her fashion blog and beauty. She has a huge following and recently broke the internet with her engagement story.


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