7 Lessons Children Learn From Their Fathers


Father and son

When fatherhood knocks, a father has to step up. And just like motherhood, it does not come with a manual. Some men even panic! Understandably! Come on you are expected to connect with this fragile being and raise it out of toddlerhood into the best of manhood or womanhood. Panicking is normal. But it will not help you. As a father, you will have to step up. It might mean stumbling and learning the ropes along the way, but you simply have to step up.

If you have been wondering what is expected of you as a father, what you have to do to make sure that your children develop into grounded human beings, then consider giving them these 7 lessons;

How to ride a bicycle:
It starts from that early age. When your child is two years or thereabouts, running around with toys the whole day and seemingly unable to slow down. With such soaring energy levels, the best thing you can do is visit that store, purchase that bicycle, get your child on the bicycle and teach them how to ride it. While running up and down the street watching that they do not fall and hurt themselves, you should not forget to have fun as well.

How to tie the tie:
The complexities of tying a tie can only be taught well by the wearers of the garment. It therefore falls upon you to teach your child how to do it expertly. Go a step further and give them tips on good grooming. Show them where to purchase well-tailored suits and classy cufflinks. Teach them what to expect from a good barber.

How to Drive:
If our roads are full of rogue drivers it might be because our fathers are not doing their job very well. Driving lessons are not strictly a preserve of driving schools. Showing your child the intricacies of driving will leave a lasting impression in their lives.
Take it upon yourself to make sure that your child learns how to drive well. Teach your children to take the wheel and the road responsibly. Your daughter should not be left out. Teach her how to double park, Parallel Park, Bay Park, and any other kind of parking that she needs to learn. No matter how many lessons it will take (and there are people who will swear that they might be many) keep doing it until she gets it.

How to manage finances:
If there is an important lesson that a growing child needs, it is how to handle and manage their finances. Ensure that your children develop good spending habits from the time they are young using piggy banks and incentives such as allowances, to make them understand the concept of saving. Once your children are out of your hands, they will make wise financial decisions that will propel them to financial security.

How To play:
Football, Tennis or Basketball – Whatever sport that your child seems interested in, keep the momentum going from an early age. Who knows, that interest could be nurtured into a professional sport in adulthood.
Taking the time to play with your children and to carry out outdoor activities will help you bond with them in a way you never imagined possible.

How to survive:
Survival skills are important, not just to your son, but to your daughter as well. You want your children to be able to cope when faced with challenges. In a world where decisions to flee or fight are made every minute, it helps to know how to cope in difficult circumstances. You want your children to be able to handle any hardships that come their way.
Years later, when they are young adults with success stories and anecdotal challenges that they had to face along the way, you will feel proud to have nurtured those skills that contributed to their success.

Teach your children to be courteous. Remind them to use the words ‘Please’, ‘Thank you’, ‘Excuse me’. Encourage them to give way, hold doors, and to respect others.

Remember, being a part of your children’s lives makes all the difference in the world.

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  1. I am thankful to my dad for always encouraging me to speak my mind even if it makes people uncomfortable. Today I host a radio show where all I do is speak my mind and never worry about making a few people uncomfortable. I will always be thankful to him for pointing me in this direction that has now turned out to be career for me.

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