What it takes to be a Dad



It is here! Father’s day. I know that we have such different relationships with our dads, some are simple and easy, some are too complicated to comprehend, but whatever the case it’s extremely beneficial and more than a blessing to be able to have a positive male influence to look up to. At the end of the day, that is what a father is.

There are a billion quotes out there about mothers and their compassion, love, kindness, and all the sacrifices they make for their kids, but we sometimes forget a father’s silent strength, knowledge, wisdom, and the sacrifices he makes for his family.

Now before I go on and on about how great dads are, here is a poem I wrote that can just do the explaining for me:
To all fathers, on this your celebrated day.

Dear Dads
I once read that being a father can be done by anyone,
But being a dad takes a real man,
You do not understand how much you are worth,
When your daughter looks into your eyes she silently knows that nothing could be wrong on this earth.
She’s your little princess, even when she makes the biggest mess,
Teach her that she deserves only respect,
You are the standard by which she will judge all men,
A man like her daddy should be the perfect ten,
Then there’s your son, the mini you,
At the age five he’s already trying and tumbling over in your too big shoes,
When he thinks you’re not watching, he’s always imitating,
‘Daddy’s big man serious voice, which even though quiet seems louder than any other noise’
Growing up you’ll fall out, as he learns what growing up is all about,
But never will his respect for you falter,
No other man in his life would he rather,
Become someone he would be proud to call his father,
Your example is all he sees let him learn from you what it means,
To be a man of worth, and a man of class,
A man who understands that love will last, not until you are tired,
But until the very end,
Use your wife as an example; love her unashamedly in front of your children,
Let them see and show them what a healthy relationship looks like,
Stolen kisses, and date nights up and till you are in your sixties,
You may never know how much your children know of what you think they don’t know,
When you fret at odd hours of the night, scared that this month you may not be able to provide,
Though you try to hide,
The worry lines around your smile and eyes betray what’s inside,
They understand, your children understand, everyone who looks up to you understands,
That you are more than just the world’s definition of a man,
You are a dad!

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