Access Government services online and pay with M-PESA #eCitizenKE


Mobile money has brought with it advantages that we wouldn’t have thought were possible 10 years ago. You can now pay your electricity, water, rent, TV subscriptions and even your shopping bills with M-PESA. It has now become convenient to pay for things from the comfort of your couch or office desk or even your chair in the club or restaurant.

One thing that has been frustrating to many has been paying for things at Government offices using cash. It sometimes necessitates finding out first what the amount is after long queues, then having to go to the bank or ATM to withdraw the money. Even when you have M-PESA you still have to go withdraw the money because many government offices don’t accept M-PESA payments.

This will all change as now you can get many government services online and you can use  M-PESA on the eCitizen platform. All you have to do is go the portal for eCitizen where you can access the services. The number to remember is the M-Pesa paybill number 206206. You can pay for so many things including traffic offenses, passport applications, business name search and/or registration, registration of marriage, getting your driving license and official search in the ministry of land. I guess as the service becomes more popular you will also be able to get access to additional services.

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Advantages of using the MPESA

This is great because it reduces the amount of fraud and corruption. You do not have to pay extra money to middlemen just to get quick service. You can also be sure that the amount you have paid is in good hands as you are sure about the receipts you get. There have been cases in the past of fake receipts etc.

Using M-PESA is also convenient for you. As long as you have an internet connection whether in the office, Home or at the cyber you can be able to access the services. All you need to have on your phone is enough money to pay for the transactions.

It also cuts costs for you. Costs in terms of time and money spent going to government offices to get these services.

It also reduces risk of carrying cash. M-PESA is a safe way of carrying out transactions. One thing I like about it is that you don’t have to go to the bank or to an M-PESA agent to withdraw and then take to the government office.

Also using M-PESA to pay on the platform saves you the hassle of dealing with government employees. Have you ever gone to get a service and you are made to feel like the person is doing you a favour nevermind the fact that your taxes pay them? Anyway that is a pet peeve of mine. They can keep you waiting for hours.

The other great thing about using M-PESA is that you are able to keep track of your transactions. This means that if it is needed you have proof that you have paid in case of difficulties. This is also great for those who like to keep track of how they use their money. It is transparent and traceable.

Using M-PESA for mobile payments on eCitizen will also be beneficial to the government as it will make government more efficient as they serve consumers.

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