My Nokia story by Okoth Ka’Wambura wins the Nokia Coloud Headphones


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I was giving away Nokia Coloud Headphones for your Nokia story. This was the entry that won. Most of us had a Nokia phone as one of their first phones. Microsoft Lumia (Nokia) is continuing with that legacy of giving you great phones that will leave you with great memories that you will write about years from now.

Okoth Ka’Wambura tells us about his experience.

You all know the Nokia 3310 right? Well I did not have that one…I was never a Nokia person till 2007 when I got myself a Nokia 1110. These were the days when polyphonic ringtones were the in-thing (if not I was a late bloomer) and mine had these cool ringtones from pop music mostly because I knew how to use the Nokia composer – I made a few bucks in college composing music for my friends’ phones.

As is “kawaida” for students Fridays were get loose days – we drunk all the Senator Keg we could buy and that was a lot because 100 bob gave you two litres of keg!

On this particular Friday I think I just had a little too much and had to be carried home (not a good thing). My house was a single room but I had this good habit of always drinking water before going to bed. I did not have a fridge (I was a real hustler) so my water was kept cool by a pot in one of the corners.

As I bent over to pour (what’s English for “chota?” – not sure it’s pour) myself a cup my phone which was in my breast pocket fell into the pot but I did not notice till the following morning when I woke up. I actually believed that I lost it until I went to get more water just to feel something inside the pot.

I reached for it and to my amazement it was my sweet Nokia 1110. I was sort of angry because I knew it would never work again. For some reason I removed the battery and the front cover and put it on the roof to dry.


I was not in a hurry to try it but when I did two days later and having zero expectations you can imagine the look on my face when the screen lit up with that yellow-green signature light they used to have! Then the famous handshake – and then the signal confirmation!

That had to be celebrated with a drink – as a student I think I drunk to everything. One thing though the ringtones were gone. My phone would never ever ring again I assume the water damaged one of the things that controlled the ringing. It did vibrate though…I actually used it for more than one and a half years later until I donated it to my cousin in shags.

That is my Nokia Story – almost longer than your original blog post but yeah it took me back to a place 😉

This was also a great story as well – Rachel Wambua 

I come from the families where you have to be a certain age to get a phone, which is not a bad thing actually. So I was in form two and I was given the Nokia 5320 XpressMusic as a present on my birthday. The squeals and jumps I made that day would give a 5 year old a run for her money. I used it for two terms but let’s face it that is like a combined 6 weeks thanks to school and holiday tuition.

As the name suggests it was the best phone for listening to music and had earphones stretching from them 24/7 like they were the source of life. It fell numerous times but nothing bad happened to it. One day I’m cleaning the house and it came from my pocket and fell into the bucket of dirty water. I hurriedly picked it up and tried to turn it on but nothing was working. I left it out to air and the following day it was working except for the speaker. My dad took it to the fundi because what do I really know about fundis? We kept following up and they would tell us its ready but the person working on it went with it and is not back yet. My dad is a very social person and one of his friends told him that the fundi actually sold it to someone else. How heartless of him.

Now because I could not take care of my phone I was told that I would not get another phone until I finish school. I was pissed from here to Mongolia and back

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